44 Remington magnum - load data (fav. powder)

Since there’s another yummy thread on a now sold 44mag rifle… I thought I’d ask…

For all 44MAG lovers out there, what’s your favourite powder for the chambering?

I used to use, still am, 2205, however ADI has screwed the pooch, the replacement new powder is not available and I am fairly certain 2205 is no more.

Tail Boss has its place. However, that place is not inside a 44MAG case :slight_smile: I may try max loads out of 4" M29. Might work very well in a short barrel, but, I am going on a tangent again.

The question is, what’s your favourite powder for loading 44MAG?

What a bloody coincidence, I was just having the same searchy because my 2205 is almost empty.

RE: Trailboss. It has its place behind the absolute heaviest projectiles you can feed and fire safely with enough powder headspace that trailboss requires. That’s the best thing about subsonic, really all subsonic has going for it. Getting the highest weight to travel 1100 flat. Now a ~400gn hardcast in 44 mag…Im thinking W296 for me. Or LilGun if more spice required. I have a new Chronograph coming from US&A soon, so Ill have some data for you.

I shoot 200gr and 240gr pills. and not interested in subsonic in that calibre. Usually, 240, but I just happen to have 200, so tht’s what’s getting shot right now.

Will need to investigate W296.

2205 and trailboss. Killed more stuff with tb loads though