44 Magnum using ADI 2207

Has anyone had any success loading 44 magnum (18 inch rifle) with 2207, seems ADI just isn’t producing 2205 any more.

I am only considering 2207 as it is the next faster powder in the ADI range. Or is there a better suggestion, I feel like as soon as I start working on loads with 2207, 2205 will become available once again. :man_shrugging::roll_eyes:

What projectile you looking to use as that’ll have a direct correlation on powder choice.

Cheers Brett.
Plan on loading 240grn, figured it’s a good “middle of the road” projectile. I’ve bought a few boxes of Hornady XTP’s.

2207 is actually the next slowest powder and from what I’ve been looking at a fraction too slow for the 240gr XTP. I couldn’t find any cross reference data for anything slower then 2205 and I won’t speculate on where to start with 2207.

Next slower, you’re right.

I see 2207 is listed for larger straightwall cartridges like 45/70 and 444. Would be nice to get a confirmation that 2205 is going to be produced again. Info I have received is it has “failed”,whatever that means.

Where did you get the info from? As far as I know ADI haven’t publicly said anything since December last year.

ADI blogged in a very ambiguous way, that it may (and inherently may not) be produced in 2022. Well, we are in 2022 and it ain’t here yet.

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It’s really annoying how there’s just no accountability at all over this whole mess.

You should write them a sternly worded letter, handwritten using quill of course.

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I believe other people have, and have basically gotten some variation of “Le Shrug” or “Nothing we can do” from what I gather.

Obviously they were not using a good quality quill than.

AR2205 is used by ADF for 81mm mortar rounds - page 21


Okay, as someone who has spent a lot of time working on loads that aren’t in the playbook it isn’t impossible to find a load that works with a supposedly incompatible powder. I have a .44 mag, I’ll have bit of a look into it but it won’t happen for a while since I’m already behind on other shit I’m supposed to be doing.


Haha me too! Too far behind on .357 magnum load developments. I really want to swage more 357 GC bullets too…

How many grains per mortar?

Asking for a friend.

NFI but if a box happens to fall of the back of a truck i reckon we are in business!

I am also facing the same issue now, out of 2205… Have a bulk container of 2207 man and few different 240gr projectiles… Did you manage to work up a good load?

I have been running 2207 in the 44mag under a Tigershark 240gn for the last couple of years in a Marlin 1894.
I came across some old load data from IMR that had rifle powder loads and experimented from there. There is however unburnt and partial burnt powder left over after firing. A heavy crimp and magnum primers seem to lessen this to an extent.
The powder is at the projectile base or slightly compressed. Accuracy is ok for what I want to do with open sights.

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