357 magnum/38 special loading gear.

I have 500 38 special cases, and about the same 357 Magnum, some projectiles, i will have to confirm quantities…Super Simplex dies also…
I will post pics, etc…in the next day or so, if anyones intetested…?

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Im interested in the 357 mag stuff not so much the 38,

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No worries…your 1st inline!..i will be in the shed on Sunday to confirm what i have.

200 Starline new
100 Starline fired once, plano box.
50 s&b new, plano box
50 s&b fired once
50 ppu fired once
50 magtech fired once
150 approx mixed headstamp, of PPU, Starline, S&b…
Also a set of Super Simplex dies…
Any interest?

Yeah, I’d be into the .357 stuff if Dave passes it up.

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I have 500 plus mixed headstamp 38 special brass too…

Don’t mean to cherry pick but I would take the new and once fired starline. I have a heap of S&B once fired that I have yet to do anything with. Lack of pistol powder is a good excuse.

Thats ok…it would be easier for me to move the lot. So if your not desperate for it…

Well if you want the lot…I have 2 boxes of ammo too, if your down this way…Ballarat

Make that 3 boxes of ammo…
2x 158gn Magtech
1x S&B 158gn LFN…

About to start harvest so a trip down your way isn’t going to happen.
Send me a message with what you’ve got and a total $.
I’m looking at it for a mate of my son who just bought a levergun.

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