35 Whelan reloaders

I like this cartridge on paper. I like 358 Win in the flesh too, as my shoot buddy comes over with his dies and I help him out for his 7600 switch barrel. Naturally, I have to keep up with the Jones’s ( those white devils!) So Im thinking about a nice new 7600 pump in 35 Whale-unggg. hip thrust

Would you care to share your velocities and barrel lengths, and what 35cal pills are like at 150 yards and up close on pigs or other nasties. Basically anything, would love to hear from Aussies with 35 Whelan experience as there is a tonne of US&A stuff online claiming its good for anything from gun grabbers to brown bears.

@Bigpete reloads for the .35 wheelie, if I remember correctly!

Yeah I do. But I don’t know velocities or anything. I just know it hits shit hard and has bugger all recoil

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Good enough for me Bigpete!

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Im gonna go ham sandwich on this and tacticool the heckin darn out of it.

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I like it. Wood and steel, fuddaction gets boring. I mean, I love my bolt actions, but there is such thing as too much bolt action.

We can still have wood and steel and be a little sharper :slight_smile:


This was my first pumpy. Some chopper culling guy in NSW bought it. I thought it looked pretty good.

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Just saying

Fair price too.

Pity about the stainless barrel