32-20 to .310 cadet brass

Finally got around to converting some starline 32-20 to 310 cadet. My rifle/bullet combo seems to like the case at 1.100" with a 0.050" rim so far.


It it possible to fireform .32-20 to .310, or does it have to be done ‘properly’?

It can depend on the individual rifle in question, but I think you’ll find the 32-20 case length wont chamber in most 310s

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From memory the rim thickness on the 32-20 is greater than the 310. You will need to take some material away from it to fit properly, not from the primer side for obvious reasons.

Alternatively you can get a gunsmith to take material out of the chamber to allow for them to fit. Or do it yourself if you are comfortable doing that sort of thing.

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Machined them to the above mentioned specs that fit the gun nicely. Now I’m having trouble obtaining neck tension on the 309 heel of my CBE bullet hmmm…maybe should have kept the Lee dies also…