32-20 brass....

Whos got all the 32 20 brass??

Danmac I bet has a big stash.


Yep, about 500, but there’s three of us that shoot it here through 4 different rifles, so sorry, no spares. :wink:

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No worries. I will find some…


Yeah $69/50…$54/50 not so.long ago.

If it’s Starline, I’d grab it. I’ve done about 25 reloads through my stuff. Be careful reloading, the case mouths are pretty thin though. Too much flaring/crimping leads to splits, maybe I should anneal more often…

Haha i know…i mainly use it to convert to 310 cadet. Its Remington $69/50 i meant, not 100…I might build a 218 bee one day too…

The Remington brass tends to be slightly longer than the Starline and Winchester, don’t know if that helps in your endeavour or not. I forgot about the .218 Bee, I must dig out the Marlin, (spits on the ground in disgust), I’ve got sitting there soaking in shit trying to get it to un-seize.

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Yeah if i build a 218 bee it will be a Martini cadet