32-20 brass....

Whos got all the 32 20 brass??

Danmac I bet has a big stash.


Yep, about 500, but there’s three of us that shoot it here through 4 different rifles, so sorry, no spares. :wink:

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No worries. I will find some…


Yeah $69/50…$54/50 not so.long ago.

If it’s Starline, I’d grab it. I’ve done about 25 reloads through my stuff. Be careful reloading, the case mouths are pretty thin though. Too much flaring/crimping leads to splits, maybe I should anneal more often…

Haha i know…i mainly use it to convert to 310 cadet. Its Remington $69/50 i meant, not 100…I might build a 218 bee one day too…

The Remington brass tends to be slightly longer than the Starline and Winchester, don’t know if that helps in your endeavour or not. I forgot about the .218 Bee, I must dig out the Marlin, (spits on the ground in disgust), I’ve got sitting there soaking in shit trying to get it to un-seize.

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Yeah if i build a 218 bee it will be a Martini cadet

I’m new to this site and ran across your post. I have about 250 never fired Starline 32-20 winchester brass.


I will take them! $$?? Message me details if you like? I could swap you Starline 357 also if thats an option for you…

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I’m asking $50/100 plus shipping. I need to cou t the brass, I may have over 300. I don’t do electronic money transfers, so I’m not sure about payment. Do you have any suggestions. What state do you live in?

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Hmmm im in Ballarat Victoria

[“I don’t do electronic money transfers, so I’m not sure about payment.”]
That’s an interesting world you must live in.
Are you saying that you don’t have a bank account or, if you do, that you NEVER receive any payments into it?
All the purchaser needs to know, by private message, is your bank account name and number and, bingo, the money gets transferred to your account

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LOL, yes i have a bank account. I was referring to Venmo or someother electronic transfer that young people use today.

Australia? Wow, the shipping cost will be interesting.
I just counted the 32-20 brass, i have 600.

Too bad your not in Australia then.

@Reloader1 where are you from mate?