303 Reaseach and Information

Hi @no1mk3 there is a deceased estate of guns that has been given to our rifle club and the members have the first option of purchasing the guns. There are 4 303’s in that 3 are Mk3 Lithgows and another is a Mk4 Fazakerley. All of them have had the barrel replaced with a Heavy barrel for target work and the original sights removed and fitted with side mounted target sights however they are missing as well. All of them have matching numbers bolt, action and nose cap.
Is there any way you could give me an idea of their worth and or history based on serial number?
mk3 1942 97637 action very marked, mk3 1941 63938, 1914 or 15 or 16 very hard to read has 3 serial numbers on action with the last one being 52138 which is also on the bolt and nose cap, another number was 30447 stock very dented.
The 4 has very light wood and is in good condition although also missing sights.