303-25 side mount

i have just bought a Lithgow / Sportco 303-25 and it has just the side mount rail but i now need aside mount for my scope in 1"where can i get one at a fair price

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You’re talking about Field Instruments mount. The go for $80 - $150. Considering the fact that they have long been discontinued, that’s about as fair as you’re going to get.

Alternatively, you’ll need to drill, tap and get a custom rail machined.

There are some on ssaagunsales.com

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thank you for the info i have been looking around and have seen one but it is the wrong one so i will continue to look

Do you have a pic of the one you’re looking for?

no sorry but the side rail makes the side mount sit straight up almost unlike the ausinel ones

I meant, do you have a picture of what you are after?

no sorry i do not

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hey have found one and it cost about $125 plus post so happy just gotta wait


Thats good news mate!

now to reload some ammo for it and see how it goes

When you get it could you post a picture please. Interested to see what it is.

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no worries will do plus i also bought a Sportco 22 hornet but found out the action was a 22 hornet but the barrel was a 222 rimmed and when i used it it was a disaster i took it to R Bloomfield and he took it apart to see what had happened well what a mess so i purchased another Sportco and had it checked oh well thats life huh

Did you fire a 22H in the 222 chamber?

yes two rounds that exploded in the chamber but i was lucky not to get hurt

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well blow me down an old bushie mate had one sitting at home doing nothing and he just gave it to me how cool is that and now all i have to do is get a scope to suit cool huh just checked the scopes i have and the do not fit so any suggestions

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If you post a pic of the mount, I may have an idea of the issue…