303/25 cases. ammo, bullets, dies

Looking for some 303/25 cases, even loaded ammo if in Vic

Do you have dies?
Its not hard to neck some down from 303.
But rebels have them Remington 303-25 Unprimed Brass Cases (50pk) – Rebel Gun Works

So does the barn.

Also welcome to the site mate!

Hiya Garth.

If youre on the Western side of Vic, you might want to check out Golden Flash Cartridges in Maryborough.

They usually sell loaded ammo for weird and wonderful calibres, but it might be pricey.

I should have a few new and once fired cases, and some bullets. I will check exactly what I have tomorrow, but I definitely have some. And do you need dies as well?

Where abouts are you @Garth ?

Thanks mate , in Bendigo

Thank you for the reply, cheers, thought I would ask around and see if any old ones in Vic first👍

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No worries mate.

Alrighty… So my 303-25 is now 45ACP :slight_smile: So we have stuff…

$100 Simplex dies (standard thread, 7/8"-14, not weird Simplex thread)

Bertram 303-25 case - $70 for the lot
50 new Bertram 303-25 case
49 once-fired Bertram 303-25 case (when I was doing load development)

$120 for the lot
1 box never opened 100ct.
One open, 69 bullets.

correction - below box is 117gr, not 110. Above 110 is correct. Below is 117.

1 box never opened 100ct.

Cartridges (valid A&B licence will need to be sighted) - $70 for the lot
Antique and all that, box of 20

13 cartridges

Postage within VIC should be under $15, Australia wide I would need to check.

DM me if interested.

Open to offers… Lowball me, and I will give it away for free to someone else. :slight_smile:


Very generous prices, JS!

I’d be jumping on that, Garth… and welcome to the forum :+1:

Hi mate interested , no sure how to DM you, candy me and we can go from there thank you


Also correction on bullet weight, see above. One of the boxes is 117gr, the other is 110gr and used on (x69) is also 110gr

Is all this sold?

Not sure yet, will let you know.

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All sold.

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