303 174gn PPU is the bomb!

This ammo shoots great!! Anyone know of any Victorian dealers who have it in stock?.

I dont know where you can grab some sorry mate, but I’ve fou d PPU to be great and the brass is good quality too.
Anytime i get a new calibre I try to grab a few boxes of it, use it to sight in etc. And then reload with the brass.

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Fairly sure that most shops in the West would… Give Centreway a try I guess.

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Thanks mate…PPU is made in Serbia, so one guess, where its all going…or all their resources are going…Its getting beyond a joke to shoot military rifles now. Might have to retire to the 310 cadet, but theres no powder for it, unless you want to cut shotgun shells up.

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Funny you mention it, i just opened an old can Id forgotten about. Good stash PPU 303 and 7.5x55, and 100 rounds of 45-70 throwing 325ftx. Check out the prices!
I must have bought this about 2015.

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Must be NT prices. They are about this much here now, maybe a tad more

What are you talking about it’s $99 a box of 303 at cleavers today and $40 on special for ppu swiss.

Leverevo is $77 on special.

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99 for a box of 20? Regardless Cleavers is a long way from Victoria. I tried to get a 1000 rounds out of Magnum Sports QLD, but my Victorian LGD wouldn’t handle it for me!!

If it hasn’t happened to you yet, it will.

Federal has had a WHOPPING increase in wholesale prices. I went to buy a 50 pack of regular 44Mag today because I am now an alpha chad with an extra long dong 44 and it was the usual $70 for the PPU and…

$137 for the Federal/American Eagle 50pk.

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Federal has always been super expensive here. PPU, 7.5x55, 303 tends to stay more or less stable (like COVID stable), add $10 - $15 on pre-COVID. 45-70 was always expensive, $3 per round about, now $4. Even though I load like 99% of stuff I shoot, minus rimfire and shotgun, I still grab a box or two when there’s a bargain. Handgun ammo, different story, if there’s bulk bargain to be had - stack it high! even with reloading.

@JizzFlinger I was referring to your 303, and Swiss ammo. I just spotted the tag on 45-70 - damn! That is cheap. Like, I have never personally seen it that cheap, ever.

Yep! Thankfully I took advice from a few people in the past and buy in bulk… And I don’t shoot that much rifle, but this is precisely why I bought a 22 pistol. Shooting mini-mags in the evening with a good muzzle flash, almost feels like a real gun lol


Yes…the next gunshow im gunna stock up, if i find a decent deal, with a pocket full of cash…But i will be shopping for another No4 too, so that could empty my pocket.

Ooof, I would stock up from a shop, gun shows are super expensive - everyone is looking for a sucker.

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Ballarat gun show 14th and 15th October, for those interested…Yeah not too many bargains to be had, but you can get lucky

I’ve always walked out with an empty wallet! I am a sucker!

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Yep me too!

When it first showed up it was pretty reasonably priced - I used it for years in competitive Service Rifle shooting because while it was a bit more expensive than Highland (Gen 1 PPU), it performed much better and was a lot cleaner.

PPU obviously did some load development because when the price of Federal jumped up noticeably I went back to PPU and found it burning better, still very accurate, and with excellent brass for reloading, so that’s what I’ve been using almost exclusively for several years now when I shoot commercial ammo.

Most factory rifle ammo I buy is PPU, exception is S&B because they do 50 packs. PPU is fine, a lot of bad info about it… Excellent brass. Still burns super dirty.

Their .303 ammo doesn’t seem a lot dirtier than anything else I’ve used, but I agree their handgun ammo isn’t as clean-burning as I’d like. Still, we have to take what we can get these days…