30-06 rifle for sale

What’s better than one 30-06? Well, pretty much everything is better. But in case you have a saggy hard-on for one, this is neat.

Double barrel 30-06.


@Oldbloke it’s as if the rifle was made for ya :slight_smile:

30-06 is KING. :joy:

What’s next! A gang of old man tagging gun shops around Melbourne, 30-06 iz da king, OB waz ere. Fucking senior citizens have no respect these days.

That gun is awesome, I’d love one of those. I mean I’d love a proper english double nitro gun but any double would be sweet.

You have lots of double guns, @GUN-DMC. I actually think you need a few singles. That said, double 45-70 - ooooohhhhh

I’ll just ignore the previous childish dummy spit.
Mmmm, nice 30-06 double. Great round. Lol

Mate, you’re the one being childish. I’ll let the local coppers know! Okay! It’s not cool to tag trains with 3006 iz da king! I know it was you!

:grinning: :rofl:

What a boring gun… if your going to get a double its gotta be a big f off calibre 375 h&h and above.

@AusTac. Fish ain’t biting today. :+1:

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