30-06 130gr bullet load

To cut long story short I would like to load 130 gr hornady"s in my M70 Winchester. I have tried a few loads and 49g AR2208 seems the best I can get about 2" at 100yards. But would like better. I would like to stick with AR2208. They are 20 thou off the lands. Would a bigger jump help?

This rifle used to be very accurate with 180gr bullets pushed pretty hard. Barrel is free floated.

Scope is a new Sightron 3-9*40 . I have another on a 30-06 and it’s been great. All mounts seem OK.

I gather I should expect reasonable groups with 130gr bullets. I know 110s can be a problem.

Any suggestions?

Who knows. I only shoot 150gn and 180gn factory ammo out of my .30-06 these days. They do alright.

Sorry @Oldbloke but I can’t help as I only load heavier projectiles.
Is there a particular reason that you want to go so light is such a big case?

Hard to tell in general terms, without knowing enough about min and max or if it’s cast or factory pills. For example, why did you stop on 49? Maybe spitting them out faster is the trick? Maybe a lot slower?

(I don’t speak spazz, so I’ll stick to metric) 5cm group at 100m from supported position is definitely getting up there, would seating depth really play that big of a part at that distance? Maybe just a bad day shooting, conditions weren’t right? Try again with more groups? :frowning:

49.2gr groups were much larger as we’re 48.8gr. Pressure seems normal.
Good steady bench rest

Yes it can, particularly when combined with dodgy neck/case concentricity. Bullets being reshaped off the central axis while they travel down the bore doesn’t do good things to how they behave on exit. On the other hand, there are many factors that could be at play…

Save yourself headaches, @Oldbloke. If you wantg a gun to spit lighter bullets really fast, get a rifle that was designed to do it.

surely you’re not suggesting that there are guns other than 30-06?

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@Gwion Lol, @GUN-DMC yes was considering 243 or 7-08 but since I have a spare 30-06 would like to use it (cheaper) it doesn’t have to be fast. Just trying to make it about half way between a 223 and 30-06 with 180gr bullets

I think that’s an extreme case…

Of course it’s an extreme case but it can happen and there is something throwing it out.

Sell that spare and get a 6.5manbun! :grin::+1:

I think Howa do one in the mini…

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Soooo, after I clean it I’m going to have a play with screws. Got a feeling I changed from the old procedure. I still have about 6 of the old ammo it liked, so try them. Then push a few of my current load in about 20 thou further, 40 thou jump & try them. Also re-check all scope screws.
This rifle was always consistent and shot clovers at about 70mtrs.

Just got to find time.

My understanding is 130s should shoot pretty good, hence my choice. So disappointed at this point in time.

@Gwion This is a project I’ll hardly shoot so can’t possibly justify another rifle. Also I carried it on many trips so not keen on selling it. Safe is pretty full too.

I would think it should have no problem shooting the 130s at all. It may like a faster powder like 2206H but 08 is very similar. I would only expect marginal differences. The other seating depth you could try would be a 10-15 thou jam. Just enough that they are consistently seated by the closing of the bolt.

Yeh, agree. Closer to land has been on my mind & worth a try. But might try other options first.

The old loads it liked were pretty hot. I guess more powder is an option too. But at 49.2 gr that were shotgun like. :roll_eyes:

Well, looking like problem solved. I gave the old girl a clean tonight. Turned out the front take down screw was very loose. I had got a few flyers along with the large groups and had put it down to an ammo issue.

I’ll try it out again when I get a chance. Bit embarrassing really. That’s life.

It happens to the best of us.

I guess that’s because we are flesh and blood.

…mostly water, actually.

Yep, I stand corrected. Smart arse lol
But flesh and blood is mostly made of water. Lol

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