3 interviews...3 job offers!

Don’t know how i managed it…scored 3 interviews within 3 business days of my resume being in circulation, then scored 3 job offers in the next 3 business days!! WTF! Decisions Decisions…think i will take the one where i get to play with one of these!

Ahhh new conversational tech…love it!!


Looks too tactical plastic fantastic. Should have picked carpentry :joy:

Congrats though!

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Thanks mate…should turn out some good gun bits haha Gotta get to reality sooner or later i guess…


Get a new pew to celebrate!

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Thanks mate! Bought 4 this month…lol

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pics or it didn’t happen

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These 2 my Anschutz 22 and the Zoauve which i think i have put pics on here somewhere. I paid for the Zoauve months ago to find the barrel is NFG!

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