.243 bullet weight for hunting?

So as I’ve posted in another thread I am the proud new owner of a .243 win Bergara scout rifle.
The plan is to use it for fallow deer, goats and foxes. I have dies on the way and I’m hoping to buy brass and pills next week.
The barrel is a 1-10 twist, so keeping that and my potential target species in mind, what is a good projectile weight to start loading?
I’d like to develop a load that will cover all 3 really.

Legal minimum for Fallow is 80gr

ADI lists 55-105gr. So…i figure a bullet about 90gr would be the go.

Hornady make a 100gr Interlock… Hornady are usually reasonable on price.

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I use 100grn with no problems. In fact they work really well.

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Great, thanks guys.

To be more specific I use the Sierra 100gr Pro Hunter and the 100grn GameKing. I am still deciding on which one is the better of the two. I really need to give them a side by side accuracy test and try and get some sort of idea which one makes things deader.

To be honest I really do need to do this in fact I need to pull the bullets I made up long ago and redo them since my reloading skills and equipment have improved heaps over the last few years.

The Sako 85 243 is my goto gun for taking out the back to see what might make the dinner plate. The 243 really is a great calibre. It doesn’t recoil hardly at all which is good as I get in some awkward positions to shoot it from sometimes. Its an accurate round the 6mm there are other 6mm more accurate but it does a pretty good job on its own. The no recoil is great for your shooting with only the probably loader noise than it size for any sort of flinch. It also has a wide range of bullets available so if bunnies are the target it is great for that too.
I would say its one downside would be that it is a bit harder on barrels than most. As a hunting rifle that is not an issue. Compared to a target rifle in the 6, 6.5 or 7mm it would give a few extra shots. life depending on your loads should be from 1500 - 2000 rounds or perhaps if pushed as low as a 1000.


That’s great info mate, this will basically just be a hunting rifle so it should last forever.

Thats exactly what I think about mine as well. Even if you do have a day or two each year of killing paper or testing loads it only an extra 20 or so added to the total. Main thing is not to use them as a plinker and let them get really hot and dirty. that is what really wears a barrel.

No experience with those exact species but comparable size such as dogs thru to brumbies anything between 80-100 as saud above should be sweet. I reckon @sungazer has pretty much nailed the pros and cons of the.243 :beers:

Check the twist rate will stabilise the bullet prior to purchaseing any bullets


Thanks @Oldbloke I have added that to the online reloading manual thread too.

@GUN-DMC TBO I think you wasted your money. Better to sell that heap of shit to some old TA bastard for peanuts and buy a 308 or 30-06 and load it with 110 or 130 gr bullets. More punch mate. Better killing power. More hydro shock. :grin:

you’re probably right, I wouldn’t want to rip you off though so I might just cut it up and throw it in the sea…

No, no, no, I’m happy to give you say $30 :grinning:

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@GUN-DMC AR2206H or AR2208 seem the be the best choice for powders. Incredibly versatile.
Both are listed from 222 through to 30-06 & 303

The advantage of 2206H over 2206 & 2208 is that if needed you can load much lighter loads. 65% rather than 75% of the max listed load. For some loaderscan advantage.

2206h is rapidly becoming my go to powder, finally enough I’m loading it in everything from 222 to 303 atm. :wink:

Way to go Mate.

I don’t think they make 2206 any more, just 2206H

I have a box of 95gn ballistic tips coming, i scored them for $30 posted.
Anyone looking for some reloading bargains should check out reloaders haven on Facebook, used to have a physical shop but has closed it and is flogging off heaps of stuff cheap through his fb page.
Picking up my rifle on Thursday, dies n pills should arrive any day now. I’m getting excited :metal:

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Careful it’s the fat boy in the lollie shop syndrome, once you get it and play with it you will want another and another and another… LOL

Already picked the next one, Lol.
Same gun bigger caliber

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