22lr v soda cans out to 450 yards


Mmm? Eh? Yeah?

45 yards is enough

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It’s pretty obvious that if they were using nice Anschutz they could have gone to at least 1500m! Further with a nice x2 scope. :face_with_peeking_eye:

I’m thinking the cz515, banana mags and Aldi soda 30 packs

You’d end up walking just as much to reset the range so it’s not a matter of being lazy just more pew pew

Need this:

When I start shooting full cans of coke you know I have won the lottery. :grinning: :rofl:


I reckon at 450m a coke can would be like armour plate for a 22 :grin:

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@sungazer or a youtuber!

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