22LR in a 22Mag firearm...

Has anyone tried shooting a 22LR in a 22Mag firearm? I know its supposed to be a smaller diameter round, but…you know has anyone tried it? What happened?

Ooooh interesting. I often wondered myself.

It would seem it’s a really, really bad idea: https://www.thetruthaboutguns.com/ask-foghorn-can-you-fire-22lr-ammunition-through-a-22-wmr-chamber/


You will split cases, sending brass fragments FK knows where.
Not even a maybe for science, don’t do it.

Wow, its that bad. Pretty much a pipe bomb. Wont be trying it.

Cant be much worse than shooting 22shorts on 22 LR can it.
Also a good question from experiences

Well, according to that article, the bullet diameter is different, so that’s a no…

But there are multi caliber 22 lr/22 mag revolvers (with different cylinders).
I think the free space in the chamber is the issue.

I should have read the article before posting -says much the same thing.

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I wasn’t concerned about the two projectiles being different by a couple of thou, I squeeze .311’s down a .308 bore regularly.

But thats a big gap in the chamber, 16 thou, brass will fail.