223 brass, soooo kinda expensive...

I don’t buy a lot of ammo (reload) and brass that I do (or did) buy in proper quantities, I bought by the kilo, it seems I am out of touch on prices.

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Are you out of touch with prices or are prices out of touch with reality?


Bit of both I guess.

No more Australian Once Fire Brass. So prices gone up? Like everything at the moment.

How much is kinda expensive?

I kinda didn’t really think the Australian once fire brass was worth it. I think it ended being around 20 cents a piece and it really needed a wet tumble. Full length size (small base to die to be sure) and I trim. I stocked up on OSA/ADI when it was $33-41 per hundred at Cleavers

Yeah, once fired was okay, not great, for rifles. For Handguns, it was epic.

I think 223 brass, that’s in my lala land, should be no more than 25c a case. Above that is expensive.

Just have to be quicker than the ssaa ro’s :joy:

Actually… Credit… SSAA ROs were the ones who gave me a a sizable quantity of 223 brass for free. I just never thought of it as expensive or hard to get, so I picked up what I saw, I didn’t bother looking too hard for whatever rolled too far. Now that I am running low, I am like, hey - this shit is not cheap!

You can get brand new, clean shiny, really good quality ADI 223 brass for 49.9c each. No swaging pockets, no trimming, no washing, no sorting. No muss no fuss.

I reckon that’s very good value, plus it’s AWE STRAY UHHHN.


Isn’t loaded ammo cheaper than that?

Not that I can see.

It’s been a while since I’ve bought any, so it’s obviously gone up, but Cleaver are listing PPU .223 at $17.50 for 20rnds; at that price I’d have thought you’d be better off buying the live ammo, shooting it, and keeping the brass instead of just buying the brass.

Only, I am not in QLD and those prices don’t extend to here and I am like 80% they are out of stock. And even if they weren’t, no ammo shipping anymore :frowning:

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None of this is a big deal, I can certainly afford it, I am just surprised in a broader sense. Considering it’s a staple longarm cartridge, like 9mm to handguns. I would have expected it to be around the same price, purely based on demand and availability.

Pretty sure that price for PPU would be loaded ammo. The big C has PPU .223 brass listed for $34.90/100.