223 box mag lever rifles

What are the options if any for a 223 box mag lever rifle? Any accompanying review would be nice too.

I think Browning BLR may be your only option. Regarding feedback, haven’t used one, but Browning… So it won’t be poop.

Henry long ranger

+1 for the BLR.
Lovely rifle, except for the horrible (to me) gloss finish stock. A satin finish would be much nicer and more practical.
Mine a 1:14" twist barrel that doesn’t like anything more than 50gn projectiles. 45gn are the go, for me.

I looked into this a little while ago, there’s not many options at all. I think I would go the BLR take down if I was going to drop the money

What about the savage hi power? I’m not sure if it comes in .223, but a cool gun!

Hmm so it the taticool 7600 or the BLR. I saw a good deal on abused guns yesterday for a 7600 messa tactical high mount and but stock with grips.

Correction, I haven’t shot a BLR, but I have cycled and handled a 308 version. It’s deceptively lite. Very smooth action.

Cleaning it is involved, requires screwdrivers. However, cleaning 76* series involves punching pins out and hex wrenches. That’s the easy bit. Reinstalling the trigger group, which has to come out to get to the chamber - that is an experience.

If you don’t mind high gloss finish on the BLR (which get scratched, just how it is), it’s a better option. From what I have in Brownings, couple modern bolts and one lever, I think they build excellent guns. Remington, let’s just say, they dropped the ball on design around 70s.

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If you find a “take-down” in 223, you should probably jump at it, if only for the easier cleaning.
Mine is not a take-down, but never had any issue cleaning from the muzzle - needs a muzzle guide to keep the rod etc. central. And a short flexi’ to get to the chamber when all done.
I do like the BLR - butter smooth. But tread carefully if you want to delve into dis-assembly/trigger tuning etc. There are some 'smiths who are loath to touch them.

@sungazer Just saw this: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=pXFNn5vkW18 - maybe interesting…

They did show the groups they’ve shot and those are not groups, those are random rocks thrown at paper. There’s just no way in hell that ammo and that rifle will shoot like that (shit). Something is off.

If you watched the vid to the end you might have seen that with their “preferred” ammo they showed a group of a tad over 3" at 300mtr/yds. Not too shabby, really. And who knows what hand loads might achieve?

True, I just skipped through to make sure it’s the rifle I was thinking of and posted here…

Savage Model 99. Old guns sometimes come up on abusedguns.
Not chambered in .223 but was available in .22-250 ( among many other chamberings ) if that floats your boat.

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Old thread but I saw this and thought it was relivent.

That’s a nice looking rifle.