.222 rimmed twist rate?

Does anyone have experience with the sportco .222r on the cadet action?
Trying to get an idea on twist rate so I can start theorizing on a bullet weight and powder combo.

Did you buy one?

Going tomorrow or Monday to put a deposit on one, I’ll pay it off once I’m home from holidays, but yes I found one I’m going to buy.


Probably going to be 1-12 or 1-14.

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That’s a nice looking gat

Yeah I instantly fell in love

Pls excuse my ignorance. Is that a variaton on a martini action?

Not a variation at all, it’s 100% a martini cadet

I think it was one of these actions at least the same type that I shot a 45-577 Black Powder in last week. I have also shot them in a couple of others as well as the 303.

They would be on the large frame Martini Henry actions. The Cadet actions are scaled down.

I have a large frame martini Enfield 303, a Greener GP in 12ga and a Greener police in 12/14ga.
I’ve shot 310 cadet, 22lr cadet and 577-450 belonging to various mates.

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Learn something all the time here. Never bothered to ask and have never seen two together. :grinning: But sometimes ignorance is bliss when it comes to size. :blush:

I picked this up today, these are some before pic’s. Time to give it a clean up now. Also I didn’t actually know who the maker was until I pulled it out of the stock just now. it’s a Greener which makes me extra happy as i have a soft spot for Greener martini actions and i have a few different ones now.
I’ll post some pics once I clean it up a bit.


Hey @bentaz , I’ve got a box of ammo for that somewhere, next time you head north, you might want to call in and grab it.

For sure that would be great, thank you.
I think I might be heading past around Easter mate.

I’m actually in a pickle at the moment for what I’m doing at Easter. I’ve got the Silhouette Nationals on at Little River, The SSAA Muzzle-loading Nationals on in Perth, ( which I’m supposed to attend to qualify again for the Australian team if I want to go to the next World Titles ), and another mobs, ( NSWMLA ), National Championships muzzle-loading shoot on at Hill End.
Anyway, we should be able to work something out to get it to you.

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No joy at Golden Flash. Just more temptations. A Cadet in .223 , a very cheap Tikka in .17 Rem…

That’s ok mate, no luck with my lgs either.
Been looking online and the barn seems the best online option for 25bucks a box

I finally have some brass coming for this. :grin: