.22 Creedmoor rifle

I’m thinking of getting a new rifle, hopefully not too far into the new year, and have been considering a 6.5, either creed or swede.

Then I saw references to the 22 creedmoor which got me thinking of the cost advantages, same calibre projectiles, short action allowing me to use an existing chassis I already have etc.

However, I can’t find any references to factory rifles or ammo, only a couple of people making the brass.

Am I fantasising here? Making it harder than it needs to be?
Would I be better off just getting the 6.5 creed?

I’m hoping someone here might know something about it or make some other suggestions.

It really comes down to what you have already and why you want another gun.
In my case I got a 6.5 because everyone was raving about them I wasnt convinced that they were any better than the 308. It sits in the safe a lot because it is no better than a 308 other than recoil.

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Basically looking for something with a bit more authority than the .223,

The 308 has been a consideration.

Just that, like a magpie, anything new (to me) or unfamiliar catches my interest and the idea of a 22 that can use longer, heavier pills than the 223 was intriguing.

Thanks SG, now the 308 has come up the list a notch. :beers:

Ive shot a mates lithgow LA105 in 6.5 CM. If your shooting targets at distance with jacketed bullets, thats what i would go for. Virtually NIL recoil, and extremely accurate. I love the 308 too, but the CM is easier to shoot accurately, and i think the CM might have a slight edge in accuracy to a point.

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I built a 6.5 Creedmoor for high power silhouette. I suffer from an acquired brain injury and over the years have become more and more susceptible to muzzle-blast. I’ve been running both my rifles in 7mm-08 and even though I load on the mild end of the scale it got to the point where I just didn’t want to pull the trigger. Another mate who also has a brain injury convinced me to go with the Creedmoor as his research indicated that there was a 30% reduction in muzzle blast compared to .308 Win.
I used to run a 6.5mm/.257Ackley, I have a Sako 75 in 6.5 x 55, so I know of the great ballistic properties of 6.5’s, and I also had a few thousand projectiles on hand so it seemed like a good idea.
I had a 1 in 7.5 twist barrel built and fitted to a Model 70 Winchester action, I don’t like plumbers rifles, ( Remingtons) and it’s an absolute cracker of a rifle/cartridge. It’ll put sub 3" groups on the 500m rams, off the bench,(when sighting in of course), and the muzzle blast is very much reduced compared to my 7-08’s. It didn’t solve the muzzle blast issue I have with competing however as I can’t control what the blokes shooting beside me are using…

G’day Dan,

Mate TBI can be a weird thing to live with eh.

I had a run in with a semi in the 90s when the driver nodded off and crossed to my side of the Hume Hwy, I went out the closed driver’s window, broke my neck at C3 and 4, my back at T6-7-8, my scone, my right frontal lobe, and half mty teeth.

I used to love hot weather, now it knocks me, I can’t whistle anymore, have a bugger of an intention tremor and bitching headaches.
The worst though is the anger, 24/7/365.
Never goes away, just got to stay away from the public as much as possible to avoid… non optimal interactions.

I’ve had a multitude of concussions over the years and every one adds up.
From your info the 308 might not be the choice and the creed is looking better and better.

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I dont mean to confuse you with options but after reading your post perhaps also consider the 243 it is a pleasure to shoot certainly has a lot more authority than 223.

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Mmm, food for thought.

More wallet friendly on the ammo, short action as well.

I hadn’t actually considered it but now you’ve got me interested :+1:

I love the 243 too! Its often overlooked…very much like a 22-250 when loaded with 55gn bullets.


22-250 mmm :smirk:

Im big fan of the 243 also, i’d choose that over a 6.5 CM based on ammo prices.

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Yeah, there’s a big difference in prices eh?

I’m leaning further that way, my landlord knocks pigs with his.

Varmint barrelled action Howa going for ~890ish

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243 is a bitch with regards muzzle blast. Burn way too much powder for achieved results.

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I didnt think it was that bad…but, last time i shot one it was loaded with my 55gn handloads…reminded me of a 22-250, they are louder than a 308 too!

What do you mean :rofl: