1st world geek problems

Need to reboot and uptime is almost 47 days. Don’t know, feels like a waste :’(

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Why so long?

I guess I have no need to reboot… Why would you reboot? That’s crazy talk. Rebooting is a sin.

You have lost me lol

I needed to reboot. My machine was up for almost 47 days. I didn’t want to reboot, but I did it because I had to. The end. Nothing more to it.

Why did you leave it on for so long?

Because I never turn off my computers.
My media server: 128 days

Lol, I used to turn mine off every 2 weeks but the one I had at work stayed on all the time.

It gets turned off when it needs to be turned off, which is not often.

I don’t think that my media computer has ever been turned off except for power failures.


Computers what are they… everyone uses phones now. Actually funny how once I thought wtf why anyone would want to get a laptop Roth its small screen small hard disk, and no upgrade ability. Any then I think for list 10 years I haven’t owned a desktop. Except one for the kids which they hardly use (it’s an all in one)


Doing most stuff on the phone shits me, I love my laptop.
I have an all in one that stays connected to the tv for Netflix, YouTube, motortrend etc.
Have a cordless mouse and keyboard for it and it works great.

I’ve got one dedicated, simple computer, more like a PLC that’s been on since 1996 at one site.

And an industrial cased 286 that’s been on for over ten years without a reboot.

Have you tried turning it off and back on again?

Lol what’s funny is how often it works. And what’s nearly as funny is when someone rings you and then apologises, that they forgot to do that very vital step before calling you.