18th Century Living History. What We Do.

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Hi Keith,

Been loving the videos that you have put on the site. Just wondering if you could tell us a little more about your group, how many members, do you have re-enactments or that sort of thing.

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We do not do public reenactments, we are a living history group not a reenactment group. All our activities are held on my property in a forest. Mostly we are involved in Historical Trekking, that is trekking & camping in 18th century style with only 18th century equipment (or copies of this equipment). We learn & practice period living skills & wilderness survival skills.
There are only a few of us left now, I started this group many years ago, I since then some members, close friends of mine have died, & we have not had any new local members. But we do have our own forum on the net, with many members worldwide. You are most welcome to join if you are interested Fm.
Group Forum: http://neclhg.freeforums.net/
Regards, Keith.