175gn 7mm mag 1-9.5 twist

has anybody on here got any info on using 175gn projectiles 7mag with a 1-9.5 twist looked on some American sites and some use 175gn to 180gn no worries with 1-9 twist but before I buy some I was wondering if some one here has any experience or info on them ‘‘thanks’’

No personal experiences here. But check this out. Should help mate.


Thanks OB

Up date on 175gn pills I got onto a site where a bloke was saying he tried 175gn to 180gn in 7mag and he found that they could be stabilised within a certain amount with a 1-9.25 and 1-9.5 twist by pushing them hard but the down side was it halved the life of the barrels after 460 rounds major erosion at the lands and cracking the barrels were shot out completely at around 600 rounds his other 7mags using up to 160gn using average loads got over 1500 rounds and they were still good for hunting this information weighs heavy on my mind and i’m a little reluctant to try going heavy now can’t afford a new 7mag just yet
but I do thank all those for the info they gave and apologise for wasting their time

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@anon19591382 no such thing as wasting time, everyone gets to learn something new even if they don’t currently have that calibre they may one day.

The only silly question is the one you don’t ask. :blush:

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