15+ Gun Alarm Rules

Hi All,
I was hoping to get a bit of an idea about alarm systems once you pass the 15 guns in one spot rule. As I undersand it the alarm has to comply with AS2201.1:07 and has to ring an siren and flash a light outside if someone breaks in. Is there any more too it than that? Does that mean I can buy an alarm kit , install it myself and be compling with all the rules?
Any advice would be apreciated. I am planing on ringing the DFO on Monday just to check what they have to say as well.

Interested in hearing this as well.

I’ve recently got a cheap system off eBay that triggers an external alarm and flashing light. No idea if this meets the Australian standard as I couldn’t find that standard when I went looking.

I’m consolidating my guns to one storage address and I assume they’ll do another inspection on that address once I let them know.

Hopefully they’ll just have a look and ok it. Last inspection was just two local cops who had no idea what the laws said. Guarantee they have no idea what the Australian standards are either.

Are you in Victoria mate?

Yeah I sure am. Sorry I forgot to put that in the original post .

Is it 15 guns or more than 12 cat B. Reason I ask is that the question on the PTA asks if you have more than 12 cat b.

Its more than 15. But if I got another Cat B that would make 12. I saw on the online PTA one of thebquestions asks if you have more than 15 or more Cat B firearms.

Then yeah mate you are all good to install an ebay alarm.

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So if you go past 12 Cat B the rules are different?

Na, 12 cat b’s just triggers more scrutiny of your pta’s.
Follow @juststarting example and send a justification letter with each pta.


Yeah i believe you get a letter, when appying for a 3rd gun of the same caliber?? I have 3 308s, but the birth certificate for one is 7.62 Nato haha

Splitting for the lounge.