12ga slugs for sale

$30- 25 Slug Life 12ga air rifle pellets, posted anywhere in Australia.
Contact me for larger orders so I can work out the postage method and price.

These slugs weigh in at 525 grains (34 grams / 1.2 oz) and hit like a freight train. they load into a standard 12ga shot shell wad, they can be shot through smooth bore or rifled barrels. they can be shot through choked barrels but tighter chokes can deform the slugs and effect accuracy.

They can be ordered by contacting me here via a PM


$30 - 25 slugs posted anywhere in Australia.
A great light weight, flat shooting slug that’s good out to and beyond 100 yards. Great on deer, pigs and anything else you want to reach out and touch.
Load data available or you can empty the shot out of birdshot loads and pop the slug in its place.