12ga Lee Loader

When I saw this up for sale on Facebook and confirmed that all components were there, I’ve jumped at the opportunity. Always wanted a vintage loader (yes, I have a normal shotgun press, but this is way cool) like this.

N.B. yes, it is cheaper to buy shells, but not slugs and I mainly shoot slugs.

I’ll update, when I start loading with it. Heaps of fun ahead.


I agree with you. Historical or just old things really just cant be replaced with a new store bought one. They have that something special even if they are not as good. Great to have in the cupboard.

If you are going to use though please use scales :grin: My ocd just cant stand the scoops as measures. No point in working to tables the load could be anything and vary by OMG. :smile:

Lol. That is how I started reloading I was given one of those in a tin still have the damn thing and even use it once in a while. Bloody fantastic if you ask me

I swapped one of those for a Lee Load-All, still don’t know if I did right, the Load-All was much quicker but the Loader allowed short run flexibility by having the Lee Dipper set as well. Still have a Loader in 308, and the Dipper set, haven’t used them for a while though. Also have my Lyman 310 hand tools in 8mm, 303 and 30/30, now that was basic reloading! Cheers.

I have a Load-All, that’s not the point. I just really like that kit. I have a 303 kit too, just got that along with some other stuff. Never used it. I did use a 308 kit though, once, that really drove the point home that press is better lol. This one is just too cool to pass by.

You’re right about too cool to pass by, I think if I saw one at the right price I’d probably buy it even as a “shelf warmer”.


I’ve ended up with three of them, .410, 20g and 12g. Still have not used them but they were all at the right price. I dont even have a 20g…

Where did you get the 410bore loader?

Need to set up to reload the little old hammer gun I’m picking up in a week or so.

I actually feel a bit guilty about that one. It was in a secondhand shop in Castlemaine and had no price on it, the girl on the register had no idea what it was and asked me if $20 was ok. Nearly got a friction burn pulling out my wallet.

I have seen them a couple of other times in country shops so they are not that rare here in Vic anyway.

They sold it to you, nothing to feel guilty about.

I looked for them online yesterday and couldna find a 410 version. :confused:

Found this alternative online _ https://www.thexringusa.com/product-page/survival-loader-for-410-ga

Haven’t come across another lee one yet.

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