12g to 410 sleeve

just wondering if these are legal here and if so, anyone know where i could get one ??

teaching my son with the 12g, as I can’t buy a 410 as yet … already using " reduced load " shells, but are hard to come by here…

They are legal in Victoria, i cant speak for other Australian states or the Soviet socialist republic of Western North Korea.
Unless you buy the very expensive full barrel length tubes though (not just chamber inserts) you are garunteed to have fucked up patterns.
How old is the young fella? I had my girls on the 12ga early (yes they were 12 and at the range and all the legal stuff) i find teaching proper form and stance with the shotty was key. Not that im a clays guru or anything like that, buti do know my way around a 12ga and some recoil.

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I’m not too stressed about patterning as yet… he’s 11 and just don’t want him to develop a " fear/flinch this early… he’s quite comfortable with the 22 and has a blast with it , just progressing gradually " up "…

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Elley make some very low recoil shells that may be an option for you too mate!

definitely, even used them when I can… but just hard to get in my area at the moment…

Have you considered loading your own? Its not economical to load standard 12g target loads, but low recoil loads and 410 are not cheap.

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I haven’t as yet been able to start reloading, as at the moment I have no where to, nor the equipment/ know-how… I am still learning myself …Its not really a financial issue as much as availability, as he doesn’t shoot enough to warrant that yet… it’s more the availability of 410 rounds… thank you for your replies so far

Have you considered 20G?

yes I have, safe is full so kinda don’t want to get another just yet…

Sounds like you need another safe mate!

What sort of shotgun do you have?

the " deadly , super fast death machine " ( insert sarcasm font) adler a110…pretty happy with it… it was a bit " stiff " but after a 100 or so rounds now its " worn in " well… patterns nice with everything I’ve put through it so far …

back to the original proposal what sort of dimensions are we talking about. What is the outer diameter of a 410 barrel and the inner diameter of a 12g?

Is it feasible to turn the 410 down to fit in the 12? I can imagine that just a chamber or even a short conversion is going to be pretty shit on patterning.