11 month army training exercise in Perth

I get this training is normal and usually happens a couple of times a year but this is pretty much the whole year, Feb to Dec. Most of the times it’s just a month.

Do you think it had to do with the wind up in Ukraine or something else?

It is not a part of the Australian Government’s COVID-19 response.

Only in Western Australia would you need to include that disclaimer…


Just tag West doing what they do I personally think, alot of conspiracy theories and the such but there’s always a fair bit of defence activity in the training areas over here, I suppose blackhawks in the cdb upset and/or scare people

I think Aus will be trying their absolute very hardest to stay out the Russia/Ukraine conflict it’s a long way to send and commit troops to a conflict which has pretty much nothing to do with it. I saw the US has something like 5800 troops on high readiness to deploy, i’d be shocked if this ends in a gunfight with a large amount of Western forces involved.

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Have you seen that shooting at a Ukraine missile factory last night? Speculation about it being a Russian insider is rolling around.

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No I didn’t! I just looked it up, not a whole lot of detail but that’s pretty hectic, almost like a proxy Russian attack by a Ukrainian national on a military / ’ not military ’ installation

There’s a bunch of different reasons why that would happen, I wouldn’t be surprised if it was due to bastardisation and the guy just had enough. Very common occurrence in ex-soviet block countries. Possibly coincidental timing.

There are some really good political lectures on why and what is going on, YouTube is your friend. It’s the middle of winter, they don’t need (or have the funds) to invade, they just need to shut the gas off, they’ve done it before.

Yeah looked up a bit today. Putin isn’t happy nato is pushing east.

A couple of points i found were, Putin wouldn’t want to upset xi so won’t happen during winter Olympics and in a couple more weeks spring will start and things thaw out making entry into Ukraine really difficult with the swamps and such.

Could be nothing but with the yanks sticking their nose in isn’t helping i would imagine.

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Ukraine is Russian clay.

Just the US media doing what they’re told to keep peoples attention off all the current US lies & corruption fuckups that are starting to get noticed & gain a bit of traction here & there.

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Ukraine is Russian clay.

You usually have interesting reasoning for your takes - why do you think that Ukraine belongs to the Russians?

That is the nicest thing anyone has ever said me and so Im really sorry that Im going to disappoint you in that I was simply being contrarian in the hope of spawning some back and forth interesting discussion on the topic because I am uneducated on it. If only there was a person with Ukrainian heritage on the forum to discuss it more :thinking:

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Or even Russian!

Most the stuff i see is from the Ukrainian side likely due to the majority anti commie shit i watch.

Just getting in practice for when WA is officially the Republic With 20 People West of Australia (RW2PWA)…:rofl::face_with_monocle::flushed: