New rifle in 375 Ruger

Permit arrived last week, but busy as so didnt get a chance to make any ammo.

A Used Ruger African Hawkeye in 375 Rugermeister. Even knocked up a new croc sling for it. Its an ordinary walnut stock, the grade and finish similar to older M77 stock, but furnished with a black forend tip and a grip cap, both appear to be polymer.

It came only with the radial brake, but a matched weight, and regular cap are on their way. The bluing on the barrel, bolt shroud and bolt release are shiny-almost-black and the action, barrel band and front sight appear more lighter brown to purple. It looks pretty flash for a Hawkeye.

The previous owner Im sure has lightened the trigger, it feels far too light for a dangerous game rifle. Great for handloading though! I took it out today and hit it with 2208, although 2209 would be optimal I did have an open 4lb jug I wanted to use instead. More efficient, 50fps slower. It’ll be fine.


Nice one mate,the buff won’t know what hit em!

I began with new Hornady brass preparing the same way I usually do: a run through the sizing die, a quick chamfer and deburr, and a measure just to see the spread (which was fine, a few though either side) and for a reference point later when checking for stretch.

I prime them with Federal 215 Magnum Rifle primers. Im glad they make the combustible material an odd light pink color, because this helps me recognise which ones are normal and which ones are magnum.

The Chargemaster doses me up a 67g starting load as per the book. I make 10 of these. I have irons to sight in, a scope to sight in and some getting used to. I throw a range of charges and funnel them in to the prepared brass.

I seat the woodleighs as they instruct, to the cannelure. There isn’t much use in measuring jump at this end of the scale as you are guaranteed to run out of mag length. For schnitz and jiggles I placed one bullet in an unsized case and used the bolt to close it home. Its like a post code away :rofl:

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So, with a load of 300g Woodleigh PP bullets and a range of loads, I headed out in the arvo, and wouldnt you know it the 68.0 did perfectly well.

But the 70grainers were about where I want to be. I pulled the first shot and was going to abandon but Im okay with that. I know its just a matter of doing it again for the sake of it, but the next two shots give me enough info to work from. Im here to kill, not to impress.

Whenever I pull a shot on the bench, its almost always up and to the left. I’ll bet Im torquing the rifle, God knows I feel so uncomfortable on the tables. They are made for normal height/weight/width people I guess. Huh, mortals!
My chrono is dead, but by the few reloading books and others efforts online, I think the 68.0 grainers are travelling at about 2530fps out of the ruger barrel, and the 70.0 should be clocking just north of 2600 which gives me a six inch kill zone point blank of about 230m if I zero at 150m, which is perfect.

The VX3-i scope in 1.75-6x36 is really clear, of course and I think is perfect for the calibre. Was nice to see in the setting sun this arvo that targets are super clear and bright. And most of all, the eye relief is correct for my head.

Can’t wait to get out and take it for a walk around the bush. Thank you for listening to my show and tell. I would like to finish with some pictures of my biltong box, because African…and stuff.


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I will!

Also of note, if you go to the range and are wondering what the hell is going wrong with the magazine follower not picking up the second round, make sure you reassemble with this part:

Easy to forget, just ask me!


Now that is a sweet setup, I am sure it won’t be long before you take it out hunting.

Why would you want to take the entire biltong box hunting?

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Only you would be thinking of food :rofl:

Very nice !

This is a beautiful setup!

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That is very nice! I wish they made the Ruger Hawkeye African in .375 H&H, though.

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