What type of standard deviation (SD) is used in Reloading Studio?

Out of curiosity, which SD did you pick?

Have you thought about putting confidence intervals in with the SD? I dunno if it would be useful or not, would it be a useful bit of info?

@Tempestman I don’t think confidence intervals would add anything of value, but I will need to come back to that specific screen at some stage to add few more things. So I might revisit it then.

I picked population size. Because you have hand load ammo that is always loaded in different environmental conditions, I take the batch as a population, rather than a sample. Even if everything seems the same. For example, temperature variations between point in time and another point in time may have the reloading equipment shifted. Shooting conditions are always different. Barrel condition is always different, etc. So I made a decision that a batch is the entire set of ammo.

If you try to replicate a load, which you may do successfully, technically speaking, the weather and condition of the firearm and even your own physical condition on the day makes it a population, rather than a sample.