VIC LRD not issuing PTAs

So there seems to be a bit of a pause in VIC PTAs. I heard system upgrade and whatever else… But, no PTAs for the last 2 weeks. @NationalShootingCouncil do you have any news/goss/updates for us plebs?

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Yes the NSC is aware of the issue.

LRD is upgrading its LARS database system. PTA’s are “on hold” during this time.

They are also doing an audit of the firearms database.


That’s a bit long for an upgrade… Sounds like something more serious than an upgrade.

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Yeah I was about to call them tomorrow…

Sounds like they might have been hacked or something?

I heard about a few people not getting Licence renewals recently.

Getting hacked would be a very scary proposition for LAFOs and the registry! Hope not. But I know enough to know that an upgrade does not take weeks or even days, unless something went critically wrong. Why would there be a database audit? Does it mean they are recovering data from backups, in which case - what the hell happened there? Some sort of data loss is sounding more and more plausible.


Might try my luck on the phone tomorrow, see what I get told…

I doubt the lines are manned.

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Email maybe…

Maybe. Technically they have 28 days and that’s what you’ll be told.

That would be right…pretty ordinary, when we are simply trying to abide by the laws…

Yep, the opacity of all this is a bit rude.

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Ahhh welcome to the world of WA.

Convenient…looks like a 28 day wait then! Using the old Covid 19 chestnut…

Silence… shops not receiving PTAs - very interesting.

Spewing, there is a 22 I would of bought, but I’m not taking the chance that it’ll be done before I leave on Monday.

I got one, of 2 I’m waiting on yesterday

I got none :frowning: Slow going within 28 days I guess. Hrmmm.

1 received today. And 2 people I know got theirs today too. Very good.

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Yeah coz I’m out of the state and I can’t buy the 22 I found while I was down there.