US Election Blah Blah 2020

The second US civil war starts today doesn’t it?
Might have to start watching the news again

Doubt it tbh - Australian media working hard for the clicks.

Trump landslide, 330 college votes. Put me in the screencap bro.

Well I couldn’t really care less which way it goes.
Ones retarded, ones got dementia, it’s a win win really, lol!


Depends on the day, those things are interchangeable too lol

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One’s so retarded he doesn’t realise he’s also got dementia. And one’s got dementia that bad he’s forgotten he’s also completely retarded.

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In 1 hour we should know basically if Trump will win tonight because Pensylvania just tilted red.

Why in an hour?

If Pensylvania continues counting at the same rate, and it maintains the same outcome trajectory, Trump wins this state and that makes it basically impossible for dems.

Also, reddit and The Young Turks are in meltdown already so theres that :rofl:


Pennsylvania counts mail in votes after they count election day votes and they haven’t even started counting mail ins yet.

It is expected that the mail ins will strongly favour Biden so a Trump lead now is likely to lessen as counting their continues.

Even if pa goes blue Biden would be at 265 and Trump at 273

Omg hes gone postal!

He’s still a shit person, Nothing’s going to change that. He’s just lucky there are shitterer people running against him.


The night is young. Anything can happen.

This is going to take days if not weeks to sort out.

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I hope the civil war kicks off sooner than that.

I know you’re joking but I genuinely believe there will be bodies on the streets by the end of the week, no matter who wins.

Lmao, Trump is already claiming victory. This gonna get spicy.

I’m not joking, the likely hood of a civil war is the only reason I care about the US election.
I honestly don’t care which mentally challenged rich racist old white guy wins a popularity contest on the other side of the world, I’m just hoping for some non covid related news stories!


There is almost certainly going to be civil unrest with deaths, highly unlikely to be a civil war. There may be clashes of miltias.

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