Today's outcomes?

Hi, @NationalShootingCouncil - wondering if there are any updates from today, for Vic from your hearing? Thought it was today… Any news?

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Latest news will be up ASAP on our sites.

It was a good day at the FAC!


Go on, live a little, post a copy here, so we can all comment and interact. :slight_smile:

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The news is all good theoretically putting it into practice for ranges may be a bit harder.
I received a letter from the VRA bring our attention to some of the things we would need to address to provide a covid safe environment. This is going to be a sticking point for organizations and business alike. Unlike the US that is thinking of passing anti litigation laws which really mean employers dont need to look after their employees or customers I cant see that being the case here.

An excerpt from the advice.

Clubs should ensure they have an adequate supply of hand sanitiser, soap and water for regular handwashing and paper towel sfor hand drying.You wil lneed to develop protocols for the regular cleaning of buildings, benches, blackboards, score books, and other equipment that members may handle. If using your clubroom, more frequent cleaning of the kitchen area and table and chairs may be necessary.As many cubs are using Electronic Targets, specific cleaning protocols will be needed for the regular cleaning of monitors, keyboards, mouse and any associated tables and storage enclosures and any other equipment used by multiple members. Both manual and electric targets, target frames, flag poles and any marking or spotting materials also need to be considered in your club’s cleaning protocols.Possible measures could be the cleaning down of target frames between marker changes and before and after target set-up.Care will be needed with all electronic equipment and associated pieces as they are susceptible to moisture and unintentional pressing of keys and pads but are used by many.

Bloody hell they don’t half make it hard. What club can afford to do half of that unless it’s down to the members to do it but that will soon get tiring.

Don’t forget to post it in here :wink:

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I will Sir I promise!


The language is wishy washy and a suggestion. Should, consider, club’s protocols, etc. So there’s an enforcement and audit of protocols by an independent and qualified auditing body? Mmmm

Definitely, a cleaning or safe disposal protocol for frequently touched items like ammunition must be in place, incineration or superheating is recommended, when ethanol cannot be used, due to electronic equipment. See what I did there.

This is all an advice. Not a requirement. At the same time, there certainly should be a supply of cleaning equipment /products, but users of the equipment should pull their finger out and clean up/wipe down after use. Not seeing how this is any different to any other time, other than distancing and disinfection…


Be out shortly…patience Obi Wan


So what happened, what’s the gossip, fill us in on the WA hearing.

Come on guys @NationalShootingCouncil what’s the latest on the hearing? You know WA is the most important one.

Waiting on a briefing from our Barrister. As soon as we hear anything we will update everyone. I promise?


Any updates on what’s happening in Qld? Kinda feel like the forgotten state up here.

Hi again everyone

Western Australia
OUR DIRECTIONS HEARING in WA on Tuesday was another good start. We were successful in that the SAT have agreed to hear our case despite Police disagreeing they should be allowed to. We established that our lead Applicant could and should have his licence refusal heard.

WA Police have been directed to reconsider their decisions to reject licence applications (equivalent to Permits to Acquires in other states), which we are confident they will do given they have now indicated a similar course of action publicly. However, that will not be the end of the action in WA, as it is has been our aim all along to prove that the decisions made by WA Police were unlawful.

The matter has been listed for a further directions hearing on 23 June.

ON AN UNRELATED matter, the NSC has also written to the WA Minister for Police about the possible introduction of plastic licences in WA and automatic recognition of licences from other jurisdictions.


MEANWHILE IN ITS VICTORIAN ACTION, the NSC has used its barrister to intervene in what has been an unnecessary and hopefully non-deliberate delay by the registry to renew the dealer’s licence of our lead applicant in the matter we are running in Victoria.

The dealer sent in his renewal in early April and his licence expired last week without having been renewed. Even though his shop was allowed to reopen along with other dealers, his business remained in limbo with suppliers unable to supply him ordered stock and his ability to sell and acquire firearms in jeopardy. Our barrister was also contacted by VicPol’s lawyer asking if we wanted to proceed with our legal action as it was unnecessary now gun shops had reopened - our answer was a clear and deafening ‘yes’.


OUR ACTION IN QUEENSLAND remains affected by what appears to be a system that is being very badly affected by local arrangements as QCAT staff work from home.

QCAT staff have been speaking with one of our applicants, so while it is disappointing things are moving in slow motion, there is no question that our action is under way.

As one of you kindly pointed out to us, the restrictions on gun shops have now been lifted, however that does not affect our course of action. Click here to see the updated direction from the Chief Health Officer

More news as it comes to hand….