Stabbing hero now charged by NTPOL

SELF-DEFENCE: NSC helps first aid hero fight unnecessary gun charges


In this story:

  • Ron, an Alice Springs local, goes to the aid of a stabbed neighbour, with his unchambered gun in case he needed it to protect himself;
  • Police roll up, and divert their attention away from the assailant to Ron, after originally telling him to simply ‘get his gun out of here’;
  • Now they have laid five charges against him;
  • The NSC has started a fundraiser through GoFundMePayPal to help Ron on this important question of the rights of people to protect themselves.

A FEW DAYS AGO we brought you the story of Ron, who provided first aid to a neighbour who had been stabbed.

It was night-time, an assailant was on the loose in the ‘world stabbing capital’ armed with a knife, so Ron took his rifle with him so he didn’t become victim #2.

The ambulance then turned up to take over and then the police rolled up.

At first the instructions to Ron were for him to take his rifle away from the scene. This was all going well until another officer had a different idea and seized his rifle. The following day his other firearms were seized along with his ammo, apparently floating the prospect of destroying his firearms.

The NSC hired a top NT barrister, Jon Bortoli, who came recommended to us from the NT Firearms Council, to help Ron.

Mr Bortoli demanded the NT police comply with the law which required several things, including a notice before this licence was suspended, that the firearms not be destroyed, and return his firearms.

Ron faces charges

In an apparent retaliation, NT Police have now hit Ron with five charges, and a summons to appear in court on June 10.

The charges, which will be confirmed at the hearing, are:

  1. Possess, carry and use a controlled weapon at night;
  2. Carry exposed firearm in a public place;
  3. Carry a loaded firearm in a public place;
  4. Possess or use a firearm contrary to licence;
  5. Going armed in public

Whilst taking a firearm to a tense public situation isn’t ideal, it’s easy to understand why he did this in this situation – as he could easily have become the second victim.

For that reason, it seems logical thing to take something with you to protect yourself – and why Ron should have not been charged – especially as the firearm was ‘safe’ and not used. That’s what the police do in most similar situations.

We previously reported on the situation of NSW farmer David Dunstan who had an unloaded firearm with him when confronting an armed burglar.

As with this case, the police seemed more interested in why victims have to defend themselves, rather than encouraging them for acting in the public’s interest.

What you can do

The NSC hired Mr Bortoli to help Ron through this. We’ve been paying the bills and will continue to do so – but have started a fundraiser to help finance Ron’s defence through the legal process.

If you are appalled by this treatment of a shooter who helped a neighbour at his own risk and is now having to defend the fact he did so, then here’s what you can do:

  1. Become a member of the NSC if you aren’t already one (click here);
  2. Donate to Ron’s fighting fund by clicking here (GoFundMe campaign) – or through PayPal by clicking here;
  3. Share this article with other shooters you know so we can get the coverage this story needs.

Obviously we’ll be giving updates as they come in.

We’re sure that the neighbour is grateful that Ron intervened. In fact she is probably alive because of him – and we hope our help will see this turn out well for Ron and shooters more broadly.


Good luck Ron & NSC.

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Thank you for your support and donation. This could be anyone of us in the same situation.