Registering a firearm that has never been registered.

Hi all.

Got talking with a mate the other day around registration laws. There was a scenario that we thought of and didn’t know what the legalities would be. The scenario is: Grandfather has a .22 that he has had for a 30+ years and does not believe it has been ever been registered. He wants to register the rifle to be compliant with the law.

Is there a circumstance he can register the rifle? Can it just be registered normally? Can it be done through an amnesty?. Or should this rifle be surrendered?

It was an interesting scenario that stumped us so I hope you guys can shed some light.

Thankyou in advance.

I think it varies from state to state, in Vic I think you just take it to a gun shop and they can register it… But I am fairly certain it’s a state-to-state thing.

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Talk to your local dealer…best bet. But dont hand it in, whatever you do!