Pensioners membership/ DVA cards?

G’day @NationalShootingCouncil I followed the link in another thread to sign up and it had a pensioner option.
I work with Veterans, many of whom are still quite fond of guns as you might imagine, so my question is: does a DVA gold or white card justify the pensioner membership? Also as a medically discharged Veteran I receive a small pension from ComSuper, does that qualify?
I’m not fussed about the $10 personally but I would like to be able to advise clients and colleagues.
Cheers mate.

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Its Pete from the NSC.

Good questions, never had anyone ask!

When we set the Pension membership rate we were thinking aged Pensioners so I don’t have a quick answer for you.

I’m inclined to say a DVA card/pension will qualify…standby and I will have an answer for you in 24 hours.

Please also send us an email with this question so we can respond directly to you.


Ok mate, will do and cheers.

Email sent, :+1:

G’day bentaz and other OzGunlobby forum members.

The answer to your question is yes, the NSC will recognise DVA Gold/White card holders and those receiving payments from ComSuper as pensioners for the purposes of NSC Membership.

The NSC website will be updated to reflect this shortly!




Champion mate, thanks for the quick reply.