One task completed, on to the next one

Nightly randomness… So for the last few months I’ve been working on a new release of Reloading Studio, holly crap - it just went live with a tone of new features. I just hope there are no nasty surprises. Months and months of late nights. I can now exhale and relax a little bit.

Now, on to the next task - full upgrade of the website. It’s actually sitting in my queue all ready, just needs to move content and migrate… I recon another month. Then more things with this forum and hit content creation pretty hard (been taking notes, just no time to make thing pretty) :slight_smile:

Anyway, pretty happy. That is all.


When you start talking about computers I start to understand how the pygmies in The Gods Must be Crazy felt about the coke bottle. …good on ya I hope it all comes together for.ya :grinning::beers:

Will download and give it a try tonight JS

Cool, cool. There’s heaps of new things that are there, but I haven’t documented them yet. That’s next when I move the site to new design. So ask if anything…

You have been a busy lad. When do you get time for the fun things like shooting?

I will have to have a look when I get time and see if I can find any issues for you.

Yeah, pretty busy… Chronic sleep depravation. I am actually migrating the entire site, so whatever is on there, I am not fixing it now - new one is almost done. Welcome to mess around with the application though. Let me know if you like it and I can generate you an activation key. :slight_smile:

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@juststarting, Will you be making the software downloadable for Andriod/Apple at any stage?

For now Windows and Mac. The issue with mobile devices, there are actually two issues, is screen realestate and dirty hands. Very common question.

Dirty hands is somewhat self explanatory, lube or oil and screens or devices in general - not too good. Especially when you have brass shavings on your fingers and try to swipe… Scratched devices, also no good. Main issue is real estate, however. You want to be able to add information quickly, as you go, in real time. That way you capture all information, notes, etc. Software can generate a report that you can print, rather than the other way around (make notes and then do data entry), to enable that real time data entry quickly. So reasonable screen, a keyboard and a mouse or trackpad is a must. Personally, I have a laptop bracket mounted in the man cave and a dedicated (read: filthy AF) keyboard and mouse that are permanently in there.

I am going to make range companion at some stage, so you can sync what you made to the phone, test it, make notes, take photos and what not while shooting… And then sync back to main database. It’s on the roadmap, but not a priority right now. there are a few hurdles that I need to solve. It’s sort of price user pays vs how streamlined I can make it. I thought a little bit about it, the foundations to build it are actually embedded in the architecture from the beginning :wink: However, not a priority right now.

I made a couple of other versions of the app, before this one and tested it out in various configurations. Mobile was one of them, phone and couple of different tablets. I found that it’s just not a good workflow (i.e. I actually did it and didn’t think it was the way to go). It’s a lot slower and just kills the focus.

Other suggestions were web based (I mocked that up too). Works, but that would require subscription based service, rather than a single payment for a version. I know how big my database is and I have just shy of couple hundred users right now (without heavy marketing, I am still tinkering, before I really go hard on that) and I am 99% that all that space, bandwidth and high availability will make it cost prohibitive. With this one, you can still sync to cloud storage, but used from desktop.

Totally random, but a lot of the users are from EU and US. Think winter, storms and broken power lines. You can still reload. In fact a lot of them do a lot of that in winter. Wouldn’t work too well for anyone if they couldn’t access the app. There are ways around it, I can make a web app run locally without internet and sync back when it’s back online, but it’s not an elegant solution for this situation.


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That is sort of what I was thinking with having it available on a tablet or phone so that if you were out at the range you could make notes on how a particular load goes and then when you get back home to sync it with your laptop.

Wasn’t thinking so much along the lines of inputting all the data on the tablet/phone because I know how much a pain in the rear that is.

I like the fact that it is a stand alone system and not web based as when I am at my test range there is no phone signal (another reason that I like to go there, no one can bother me :star_struck:) so it would not work to well.

I have down loaded it and had a quick play with it and will spend some more time with it over the weekend. One thing i did think of was drop down boxes with multi choices. Things like bullet brands, click the box and have a list of the popular one drop down. Not all but the main ones, Nosler, Barnes, Serria, Speer etc.
I know that it would be a heap of extra work and that you have probably already thought of it but so far that’s all I could think of with the quick look that I had.

Other than that it is some good work and you have put some effort and thought into it. Well done :grinning:

Yep, thought of that. Foundations are in there already too, but keeping up to date with that stuff is hard. I may try something like caching, where it will show you what you already have. But what you can do, is clone a similar record and just edit it. The two little squares are a clone button.

So if your Hornady 308 whatever is already defined, you’d just clone it (copy) and change whatever is new. You can clone heaps of stuff…

Mobile companion, yep, definitely planned. I might try to reach out to another developer and see if he wants to update his app so we can integrate, probably more money for him too… However, @juststarting needs to focus on a website for now! All ideas are actually documented, so it’s all tracked :slight_smile: Why is @juststarting referring to himself in third-person? It’s late and I need sleep. Range day tomorrow :blush:

After the new site is up, I will kick the marketing machine into gear. I need to create some content, will share that between site and here. But this is v1 pretty much. There will be no new features in v1 series. I have a long list of things I still want to add, but that will go into v2. One is gun maintenance calendar. I hit that snag the other day, I couldn’t remember when was the last time I oiled some of the fun machines that weren’t used in a while. Aaaaand, I can’t find my spreadsheet with that info, so that will go into the app and grab data from firearms inventory.

Big one will be inventory reports and quantity. I think that will be the first cab off the rank in v2 development. Like you loaded 20, you now have 20 less powder * charge weight, 20 less bullets, etc. That’s a freaking hard one, because there are always overheads. Like you spillt some powder, you crushed a case or a primer, you damaged a bullet in the die, etc. I can’t think of a way of to accurately predict these things, so will need to work on estimates and rather than changing main quantity add auto generated note into a note section, sort of like a ledger.

Equipment tracker is another one I want to add… Just so you know what dies you have, etc. Factory ammo tracker too, a lot more inventory reports, etc. Lots of stuff. None are too hard, other than the quantity counters. Should be smooth sailing after that.

Also, happy to hear feature requests. Lots of stuff in there is actually from users’ feedback, but for feedback PM me, so I can track it or it will get lost.

Actually on that note, any tips and tricks you want to know - let me know, PM is the best. I generally write little how-tos or screencast. But need a PM to track it all. I am actually very organised with this stuff :stuck_out_tongue:

Sounds like a plan.
I will let you know if I can think of anything else once I play some more.

Have a good day at the range, mine is on Sunday lol.