On the horizon...

I know some of you know Reloading Studio, some may not, it’s a data management software for reloaders. It’s not a modelling tool like Quick Load, more like a dedicated tool to keep track of loads, components and relationships between everything, etc. Anyway, more on that here https://reloadingstudio.com and here https://reloadingstudio.com/help.

I am still a month or so away from next release, due for end of August, but I thought I would drop some previews of what’s coming, which I am a little excited about. There are a few things coming, but these have been on my backlog for a while.

Auto calculate SD

Auto-calculated SD. Hey kids, did you know there are 2 ways to calculate SD? Oh yes there is? And did you know it’s really a philosophical preference which one you pick! Yeah, maths is fun, kids.

Component quantity tracking

Component tracker. Yep, now you can see exactly how much ‘stuff’ you have left. Obviously an estimate that can’t account for damaged components, but a very accurate estimate. Powder estimates is a little harder, still being worked on, but due for the same release.

Hand-loaded and and Factory ammo tracking
Keep track of factory ammo on hand, I just thought this was a nice touch, since we all have random boxes stashed away.
Live database of what’s available from loaded ammo (delta between what was loaded and what was shot). This way you know exactly what’s on hand for the next shooting extravaganza, when you are too time poor to reload!

Firearm maintenance log

Ability to add maintenance notes to firearm records. I like it!

yeah, unfortunately not for Australian users :sob:
Common request from… UK and NZ users of all places. A new ‘Add’ screen to track and link suppressors to firearms. Involved lots of late night collaboration and learning about them.

Lots of other small UI tweaks, updates and fixes


I am still considering whether I want to add tools tracker or not, this is probably less important, but sort of nice to know what tools you have on hand, when you are planning a reloading experiment.

Very rough sneak preview of probably the next major release, beyond August… Target image processing and editing, like auto group calculations based on an image and a few others :slight_smile: :open_mouth: