NSC's WA Voting guide.

Pre-poll voting opens in WA today…

NSC’s WA voting guide

24 February 2021|Elections, Western Australia

WESTERN AUSTRALIA has its state election on Saturday 13 March. It’s the chance shooters in WA have to beat the nation’s worst gun laws - and you’ll be able to vote early or put in a postal vote if you wish to.

Western Australian shooters need help!

The Western Australian election offers almost nothing for shooters. WA is where shooters suffer the most.

In 2020, they, along with shooters in Victoria and Queensland, suffered gun shop closures, and saw a raft of guns reclassified. The NSC ran several legal actions on these which were successful, but nowhere near enough to change the law.

Here are some of the issue that WA shooters face:

  • WA does not have permits-to-acquire firearms. Instead, WA shooters must licence firearms after purchase, and even then, renew those licences every year with no guarantee the regulator will approve them. Shooters in other states only need a permit prior to buying a firearm, which is a once only process;
  • WA does not have five-year licences as do shooters in other states. Instead, shooters must renew every year, which is grossly inefficient and unfair;
  • WA’s licensing and renewal costs are much higher than other states. WA charges $192 to register (licence) every firearm (equivalent to ‘permit to acquire’ in other states);
  • WA shooters also need to get a ‘serviceability certificate’ before they can licence a firearm. Again, this requirement does not exist in other states;
  • The WA registry has a “Very Powerful Firearms” policy which restricts which long range firearms and calibres shooters can own.

WA has the worst gun laws and why it needs the strongest voice. The NSC will provide that for you, but we need you to make sure your vote is not wasted on anti-gun politicians.

Who you can vote for


Enough said. This party is out to ruin shooting: there are no seats where we recommend you vote Labor (or the Greens). You cannot afford to let Labor gain control of the WA upper house, because that will be a disaster for WA shooters.

Despite our efforts, neither the Liberals nor the Nationals are willing to support firearm policies of any use. The Liberal policy platform shows it is chasing the Green vote, so supporting them is wasted.

Minor parties

GAP, LDP, ON: We recommend shooters vote for the Liberal Democrats, Great Australian Party or One Nation (in that order) where possible.

This is based on our many discussions with them, their track records, and their policies which we believe will help shooters the most.

If you can’t find a GAP, LDP or ON candidate to vote for, then we recommend you look towards the Nationals where they are available.

If you can’t vote for any of the above, then we have no specific advice.

We have not included the SFFP in our recommendations. The main reason is that SFFP’s preference will benefit Labor – despite the way Labor treats shooters. Labor is paying SFFP back with preferences in two upper house seats – which you may have read in recent media articles (such as this article from the ABC) – with NO benefit for shooters.

In fact, the SFFP is even preferencing a candidate in one of the upper house seats whose website says he had “a life of incarceration, drugs, addiction and crime”, before other pro-gun parties and the majors.

How to vote

You will get two ballot papers.

One is for the lower house (your local area). You will need to number every box – just make sure you put the Greens last.

The other, larger one, is for the upper house. You can vote ‘above the line’ by putting a 1 in the box against the party of your choice (we suggest Liberal Democrats, Great Australian Party or One Nation). Or you can vote ‘below the line’ but you will then need to number EVERY box for your vote to be valid.

You can get more information on the voting process from the WA Electoral Commission’s website using the links below:

Going forward

The NSC is providing voting advice at every state, territory and federal election.

Last year we helped shooters in the Northern Territory, ACT and Queensland. Next year, we’ll be able to help shooters in South Australia and Victoria, with the other states to follow afterwards -plus of course, the next federal election which is due in 2022.

That’s why you should follow the NSC. Hop onto our email list by clicking here for all the updates.


What the actual #*%&@ is this??? I knew it was bad over there, I had no idea it was this bad!


The whole buy before you license thing is fucked.

Renewing means paying the annual license fee. They are supposed to do a check to see if you are fit and proper at that point but I doubt they are. It seems they only do it properly when you add a new gun to the license.

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Yep it is good fun, just like @Gregfiddich said it sucks balls.

Buy your chosen gun,
Gun shop gives you a serviceability certificate (you have to pay if you didn’t buy it through them),
Go online and fill out the form with all your details as well as the make, model, caliber, magazine size and serial number,
Print it out and go to the post office with 100 points of ID, Happily hand over $192 for the Joy of them processing your application,
Wait 2 to ??? weeks for them to approve it,
Wait 1 week for Auspost to mail you the new license with the new firearms details on it,
Go to the gunshop with your license and pick up your new toy.
Take it home and enjoy it.

Pretty easy really… :roll_eyes: :roll_eyes: :roll_eyes: :hot_face: :face_with_symbols_over_mouth: :face_with_symbols_over_mouth: :face_with_symbols_over_mouth: :face_with_symbols_over_mouth: :face_with_symbols_over_mouth: :face_with_symbols_over_mouth:

The fun part is the justification of why you need another firearm, this is where you need to be creative and careful with how you word it especially if you have one of the same caliber or close to it already.

EDIT: I forgot to add that you need a property letter to go with your paperwork that you take to the post office. It is a written form that the landowner gives you to say that you have permission to shoot/hunt on his land, you need one everytime you make an application.


…and you can only use it at a club but not hunting…

No this is for hunting. Club use is exactly the same but you substitute the property letter for a club support letter. other than that is is the same process.

Yes, but I am saying you can’t use a rifle licenced for a club for hunting or visa versa, no?

The other strange thing that I have heard from target shooters is that it is the barrel that is registered/licensed rather than an action like we do in Australia . Which posses problems for people that keep spare parts which barrels are for target shooters.


Man I feel sorry for you mob, your regs are bat shit crazy.

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You can’t use a club rifle for hunting but can use a hunting rifle for club.


Not quite. The receiver/action is still the licensed part.

A major firearm part (MFP) is what the cops want serialised which includes barrels, slides, bolts and triggers.

In reference to your example, An unchambered barrel isn’t a MFP but once it is chambered then it becomes a MFP. At that point it needs a serial and you have to write to WAPOL stating why you need a spare barrel for your firearm.

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Serious question: Why does any gun owner voluntarily live in WA? It’s got the worst gun laws in the country and there doesn’t appear to be any likelihood of them ever being fixed.

Serious answer: because some people have their lives in WA.

Obviously, but there has to be a point where people say “This is crap and I’m moving”. Obviously not everyone has that option, but I’m surprised more people who do don’t use it.

Hard to leave, similar to North Korean immigration policy I guess.

If there was a state that is a gun safe haven and has work i would consider but it seems every other state is in some hurry to make guns difficult to own. Can’t think of a state that hasn’t had since form of gun grab in the last year or two.

Kind wish they would just state their long term intentions so we can make decisions. It makes it hard to follow the rules with constant changes. If they came clean and just banned guns fine, I’ll just start a new business that involves international boat travel.

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I agree most of the states make it difficult for shooters in varying respects, but WA seems to have “We hate guns” hard-coded into them in a way that even places like the ACT and NSW don’t. Like, when the pro-shooting groups in WA object to things, the Government almost literally says “Shut up, we hate you”.

Well I can’t speak for all but from my point of view every state has their own stupid rules, we just have more but we also have some that are better than others.

Like the fact that I can carry my firearms around without having to have a trigger lock on or the fact that when my kids were 8 years old I could take them out to the farm and teach them to shoot etc without worrying about losing my license.

I also think that with the exception of the NT we have the best hunting in Australia. As an example within a 900km radius I can hunt everything from rabbits to camels and everything else in between, with the exception of buffalo and crocs.

Maybe if the WAxit takes off we might get a government that is a bit smarter and gun friendlier than the current one. They will need someone to keep the Mexicans out :rofl: :innocent: :innocent:

To be fair I think it is state gov in Victoria that for the last few years have had Grants available for the Shooting Sports clubs our club managed to get $100K in round 3. Stage 4 has just closed and another 100K was available. I wasn’t able to put in the submission as we hadn’t closed out the original grant as yet. A well organized and motivated club could have really set themselves up quite nicely with equipment and infrastructure. I did get the $1500 covid relief grant for the club. There a lots of other smaller grants that come and go for things like uniforms, IT upgrades ect.