NSC WA SAT Legal Action to proceed.

Gun shops in WA reopen - but our legal action continues

10 May 2020|Corona Virus, gun shops

BY NOW you will be aware that WA Police have reopened gun shops in that state. Some might think that nothing more needs to be done, but they’re wrong.

If there is a second round of COVID-19, the WA police will do the same thing again so we need to make sure they don’t - plus we need to hold those responsible for what happened to account.

The West Australian newspaper reported on the legal action that we are taking on the 7th May. The article quotes the NSC as saying:

“Our legal argument is that WA’s decision to stop processing permits to acquire firearms licenses and using COVID-19 as an excuse is not legitimate, given the WA Firearms Act,”

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A collective effort

The good news is that many organisations did their bit. Combined pressure from the NSC, Shooters Union, WA Firearms Traders Association, and SSAA WA all helped. As did the fact that the WA State Election is only months away.

Holding those responsible to account

REGARDLESS of why the government has backed down, the NSC’s legal action continues.

On May 7 – the same day as the shops were allowed to reopen - the NSC received a phone call from WA Police’s lawyers who are at the other end of our legal action, politely drawing our attention to fact the restrictions had been lifted.

We were aware of that, so suggested they call our barristper. As noted in The West Australian article, WA Police will no longer publicly discuss the matter now that it is before the State Administrative Tribunal.

While other organisations not wish to or be able to take any further action, our position is obviously different.

Attacking our industry

There has not only been significant damage done to our gun shops, but it has been a deliberate attempt to injure our industry as much as possible - and this has to be dealt with as forcefully as possible.

The people responsible who did this need to be held to account. It is our aim to do this not only in WA, but Queensland and Victoria.

As The Age , Sydney Morning Herald , Brisbane Times and WA Today newspapers all reported on the 22nd April, the justification for closing gun shops on National Cabinet in those three states was a barefaced lie, as originally exposed by the NSC some time ago.

So, for those of you who have been supporting the NSC, the fact the shops have reopened does not mean our bags are packed. The WA SAT directions hearing is on Tuesday May 12th, and we intend to run the action for as long as possible.

Elections. The great way to get even

Another important thing to keep in mind is that the next state election in WA is now only ten months away.

As we are doing at ever state, territory and federal election election, we’re engaging with the major parties on the issues we believe matter in each jurisdiction. Obviously in the case of WA, the gun shop closures will be one issue that will remain firmly on our radar as we prepare our voting advice.

This is a political problem, and we intend to make sure it stays that way.

This is where we will be hoping to work with our sister organisations in WA in the forthcoming months to make sure that the political hit on shooters there is not forgotten.