NSC to "go it alone on VicPol Covid threat

First the SSAA boasts that it can help defend its members all the way to the Supreme Court - and then this!

NSC to ‘go it alone’ on VicPol COVID threat

8 September 2020|Shooting organisations, Victoria Police

A FEW DAYS AGO, we told you how the NSC recently wrote to the SSAA Vic in relation to Victoria Police’s threat to suspend and cancel firearm licences for those who have been caught in breach of the COVID restrictions.

In particular, we wanted to go into bat with them to help a young NSC/SSAA member, “R”, get his licence back after simply visiting a friend contrary to the restrictions. After seeking advice of our barrister, we immediately initiated legal proceedings to make the point that taking R’s licence off him for what was a trivial offence – was overreach.

We were pleased to see the SSAA Vic also say that VicPol’s stand was excessive and heartened that it had issued a statement saying only it had the resources necessary to fight on behalf of its members, all the way to the Supreme Court if necessary.

R is also a member of the SSAA, so we wrote to them seeking their assistance to go into bat on behalf of their member. The SSAA has responded quickly, but not in the way we had hoped.

SSAA turns down offer to help own member

It has not taken up our offer to work together but instead only offered R the opportunity to seek the advice of the SSAA lawyer.

SSAA Vic relies on legal advice from its own solicitor whilst the NSC retain the services of a barrister. In most legal matters solicitors engage barristers to run cases in court where the real action occurs.

With this in mind the NSC has written back to SSAA offering a case conference meeting for the two lawyers together with the NSC Vice President and SSAA Vic CEO. Click here to see the offer.

If SSAA Vic is serious about the statement it released then the proof is in what they do next.

As it stands at the moment it would appear that the NSC will need to ‘go it alone’ to fight LRD’s gross abuse of its power once again. However, we’re getting used to that.

Hopefully, we will have more news for you shortly.

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If love to say I’m surprised but I’m not.

People need to recognise that the SSAA does not give a shit about your rights. They are a sporting organisation who run sporting facilities and make great money doing it. They are not going to risk that by stepping on any toes.


So basically it is the normal piss and wind show from SSAA. @NationalShootingCouncil I hope that it is not long before you offer insurance like them so that I can leave them.