NSC statement RE directors and VicPol investigation


In May 2023 Neil Jenkins attempted to seize control of the NSC.

This was after the NSC’s other directors discovered a very large amount of members/sponsors $ was missing from the NSC’s bank account. The directors were forced to freeze the NSC’s account to prevent any further loss.

Jenkins then presented fraudulent documentation to the Australian Securities and Investment Commission (ASIC) claiming that NSC director Peter Zabrdac had resigned. He attempted to appoint Sean Dominic Frazer as a director and sack the other remaining NSC director, Adrian Cauchi. Jenkins/Frazer also presented similar fraudulent documentation to the Bendigo Bank in an attempt to reopen the NSC Bank account under their control.

Both ASIC and the Bendigo Bank rejected their attempts.

The NSC can confirm the following:

1: Sean Dominic Frazer, is NOT, NEVER was and NEVER will be an NSC director.

2: Neil Thomas Jenkins, had NO legal authority under the NSC’s ASIC registered company constitution to appoint or sack any director at ANY time.

3: The NSC directors were forced to take legal action against Jenkins and Fraser in the VIC Supreme Court. Jenkins and Frazer resigned as “directors” rather then defend themselves and their actions in court. Jenkins and Frazer resigned because they knew the court would rule against them and that the NSC directors could and would then persue them for legal $ costs against them.

4: Jenkins and Frazer demanded immunity from legal action against them whilst they were “in charge” in exchange for returning NSC property paid for by members, control and access to the NSC membership database , email and website and FB pages , which the NSC directors rejected.

5: Jenkins set up and operated 2 fraudulent “NSC” CBA bank accounts which were in his own personal name , which the directors exposed. Jenkins own lawyer confirmed in writing that Jenkins was taking money paid by members into those accounts for himself.

6: We can confirm the NSC’s directors reported the case of the missing money and other matters to Victoria Police and that the directors have met with detectives from VicPol’s Criminal Investigation Unit (C.I.U) and their IS a current, active VicPol investigation in progress. We thank Victoria Police for their assistance.

7: Sean Dominic Frazer is well known to VicPol, having previously been charged by them over firearm offences.

8: We can confirm that the FB pages “National Shooting Council Supporters Page” and “National Shooting Council” are being operated illegally and unlawfully by Neil Jenkins/ Sean D Frazer without the NSC’s authority or permission. As such any posts there by Jenkins/Frazer are NOT authorised by the NSC directors and will be subject to coming legal action. Jenkins and Frazer have blocked the NSC Directors from the sites and we are unable to post or comment on the pages .The ONLY authorised NSC FB page now is National Shooting Council Australia.

9: Jenkins remains in possesion of NSC property paid for by members funds, including computer/AV equipment, which he refuses to return despite his resignation and NO longer being a director.

10: Frazer and Jenkins have made public statements and comments that they are suing the NSC directors for defamation and have threatened others that they will be added to their “lawsuit”. This is a lie and no such lawsuit exists.

We thank all members and supporters and apologise for being unable to provide this information to you earlier, as this was NOT in our control.

The NSC is NOT “dead” or “finished” and we look forward to the future. Their is a new website coming and ALL existing current NSC memberships remain in force and will be honoured. The NSC is NOT being chased by the Australian Tax Office or ASIC despite the statements made elsewhere on social media by Jenkins and Frazer. We look forward to the outcome of the VicPol investigation and seeing Mr Jenkins and Mr Frazer in coming court proceedings civil and or criminal.

Please share this to all your friends that are members and supporters so that the truth is known by as many members and supporters as possible as well as the wider shooting community. Thank you.


Got billed $38 by the “National Shooting Council” today - who has that money ?

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If $ was taken from you for membership (I presume you were set up on Autopay renewal?)we want to know where it went as well as it certainly hasn’t gone to the NSC’s legitimate Bendigo Bank Acct.

Neil Jenkins refuses to hand over passwords to the NSC membership database and program (Joinit) as well as email and FB pages.

Please PM or email us to [email protected] and we will be in touch immediately. Please include a contact number we can reach you on.


They have charged me twice!!!

As per our post to Mullmans please contact us ASAP.

We need to stop this and pass information on to VicPol for their investigation (We can keep your details from VicPol if so requested)


I have sent an email to that email address in Mullmans post, but forgot to add my mobile…is there a phone number to contact you?

MaxJon send your contact number to [email protected] and best time to call you and we will be in touch ASAP.

Getting deluged with similar cases!


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Sent! Think i will contact bank also, to stop any further payments.


Thank you and yes contact your bank immediately!

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And simply tell the Bank both transactions are fraudulent?

Id like to know too! Last time i will use auto renewal…

Well now that he officially has nothing to do with NSC he has just committed fraud by"receiving money by means of deception", there’s your clear criminal charge you needed. Sick 'em Rex.

Getting sent a “visa dispute form”, up to 150 days to investigate LoL

Worse is cancelling my card and having to update 11ty billion direct debits

Neil directly helped me out in the past so it’s sad to see things go this way but I hope he gets dealt with appropriately.

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Ive just simply cancelled the joinit auto renewal. Even if Jenkins has got my money, he will most likely say he cant change the joinit auto renewal, its upto the individual member.

Ahh well I did put my card through the dryer yesterday and all the numbers melted off so I’m not sure it was going to keep working anyway

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Can’t believe how Mr Jenkins went so bad…Sounds like a case of money being the root of all evil…fingers in the till…

He just forgot the “and lead us not into temptation, but deliver us from evil.” part of the rules.
There will be consequences.


Son of a bitch!

This will reflect poorly for firearms advocacy groups in the general public… fuckers who do this shit are just no good!

  • yes, statement from captain obvious with a talent for pointing out the bleeding obvious… :zipper_mouth_face::thinking:
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No more corrupt than our current crop of politicians really…same same!

Got a refund of $38 from NSC!!