NSC reply to WA Police Minister published in West Australian

NSC’s reply published in West Australian:

WA Police Minister Papalia labelled us “the Australian NRA” and so we replied. Our VP Peter Zabrdac’s detailed response was published in the West Australian online and in the newspaper.

Credit to the West Australian for allowing our response. Here’s what we had to say…


One thing you left out is the fact that W.A is the only state that doesn’t recognise licences from other states. The bullshit we have to go through to travel to W.A to shoot ( competition ) puts a lot of shooters off competing over there. That’s a lot of tourist $$ that don’t make it over there.
Talking about inefficiencies, there is a question on the form for an Interstate Visitors Permit that asks,
“Have you ever resided outside of W.A?” I always have to curb my instinct to write "Have you morons read the heading of this application?" and draw a large arrow pointing to the words, Interstate Visitor


Danmac good point and we are aware of that…soo much for the NFA lol!

Unfortunately we did have a word limit placed on us by their editor…

Coming soon to a Western Australian gun shop near you. Donate now to the NSC to prevent this from happening. Only you can stop this


[political ad music]

Lol +P hollow points are my choice for Mandar matches.

Unfortunately the range officer thinks otherwise

Nothing quite like saying, I am not able to handle bigger recoil, so I am just going to blow my chamber instead.

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