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GUN BANS: Join Wednesday’s podcast that answers your questions

5 January 2021|Politics, Reclassification

Want to help fight our gun bans and other bad gun laws during 2021?

JOIN US this Wednesday at 7:30pm (AEST) as NSC Vice-President, Peter Zabrdac, appears on the Shooting Stuff Australia – Australian Hunting Podcast show to answer questions on what can be done using our legal and political systems to stop and reverse arbitrary gun bans.

Peter will explain the national importance of the successful legal fights the NSC has been having in several states - and the one we’re getting ready for in NSW on straight-pull shotguns.

Join the show, as the panel fields questions that we answer on what will become the most important fight that shooters have had in several years - that uses the legal system to our advantage to stop arbitrary bans.

Click here to join the podcast - starting at 7:30pm AEST on YouTube.

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I will be there watching for sure.

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Great show fellas, I enjoyed every minute. Some good questions asked and good information in replies.

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Same here, REALLY liked the Q&A @NationalShootingCouncil

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