NSC Moves on immediate injunction against Victoria Police

NSC moves on immediate injunction against Victoria Police

9 September 2020|Coronavirus, Victoria Police

GoFundMe: An injunction for Victorian shooters
GoFundMe: An injunction for Victorian shooters

THE NSC URGENTLY WANTS TO get an injunction on Victoria Police from suspending or cancelling shooters licence because they breach COVID restrictions or are fined because of a breach.

So we’ve set up a GoFundMe page that we need every shooter to go to. Click here to check it out

You would already be aware that VicPol’s LRD has been busy suspending firearm and security licences for Victorians who incurred a fine for an alleged COVID-9 restrictions breach.

This drew immediate rebukes from several MPs and shooting organisations – but nothing beats taking legal action to put a stop to this.

Losing your licence - for visiting a friend

The threat by Victoria Police is real. In mid-August, Victoria Police suspended the licence of young tradie – who we will call R – whose only crime was to visit a friend when he perhaps should not have.

It was overreach by a mile, so the NSC has filed an action in the Firearms Appeals Committee to help R get his licence and guns back.

Time to send a message

The NSC has now been contacted by other Victorian Licence holders who have also had their licences suspended, guns seized, and notices of cancellation issued by LRD, so strong action now needs to be taken.

Now the time is right for the NSC to go further and we sought legal advice about our ability to obtain a Supreme Court injunction to stop VicPol from doing the same to others.

The SSAA Victoria had earlier boasted that it had the desire and resources to pursue such a matter, and boasted only it had the resources to fight for its members all the way to the Supreme Court, so we approached them to work with the NSC. The NSC Vice President wrote to the SSAA Vic CEO last Thursday offering to work together to defend a mutual member only to receive a non committal response from the SSAA Vic CEO , only offering to organise a meeting for the shooter involved with the SSAA Vic’s solicitor.

The NSC then wrote to the SSAA Vic CEO offering a meeting with both organisations’ lawyers and the SSAA Vic CEO and the NSC Vice President. In that letter which we posted publicly, we told SSAA Vic’s CEO that for transparency we would be posting the second letter we wrote publicly, like we did the first.

There was no response from SSAA at all until late yesterday afternoon which we have posted here. As you will see, the Response was short, curt and offers no path way forward. Certainly not to the Supreme Court, so we’re going there alone.

Win or lose, the NSC wants to send a strong message to Victoria Police and the Victorian State government that this behaviour needs to STOP now – and an injunction, if successful, would do that.

A loss would disappoint us but a win would be fantastic to have. Regardless of what happens, we see the need to take the right action to give shooters some breathing space away from bad regulators as long overdue.

What we want from the action

In addition to stopping VicPol from taking licences away for trivial reasons, the NSC wants to have clear judicial guidance on what being a ‘fit and proper’ person means.

It needs to relate to some factor that relates to an individual’s conduct around firearms – not some other frivolous matter such as visiting a mates place.

It’s a term that is open to abuse, and VicPol’s LRD have been doing just that. – We want to stop that.

What we need

The NSC has obtained an estimate from our barrister and we need to ‘fill the gap’ of around $10,000 to make this viable. Every cent raised will go to the fight for an injunction.

HELP THE NSC do what it needs to make this IMPORTANT LEGAL POINT by donating to the fundraising effort by clicking here.

OR , if you prefer using PayPal, simply click here .

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Maybe you could advise ‘R’ to join the Victorian police, he won’t even need to register his guns then!


Good to see our police are fit and proper people who we can all look up to. Where are the super vocal womens rights and domestic violence groups now??


Fit and proper…

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The law…a law unto themselves…absolute BS! Any LAFO who did that, would be made a massive example of, by the leftist media and never to be a LAFO again, I bet!


Every encounter that I’ve ever had with the police has been fine. Some have been arseholes, but never anything approaching breaching regulations or anything. But the idea that anyone who joins the police must automatically be a good person is a joke. Heaps of people go into it because they don’t want to be a tradie/can’t get an apprenticeship, don’t want to/can’t go to uni and the military would be too full-on for them.

There are HEAPS of great cops out there but, like any job, there are heaps of bad ones too. Unlike any other job, we give those bad ones powers of arrest and a gun. Not good.


Yep Luke Cornelius is a good cop, I rekon!