NSC in the Media.....Again.

NSC scores Opinion Piece in Herald Sun


IN MID APRIL, several News Limited papers ran multiple stories obviously fed to it by our famous ‘gun control researchers’ who used the 25th anniversary of Port Arthur to argue that the states have been dragging their feet on the National Firearms Agreement.

The stories were a hatchet job by News which failed to provide any ‘balance’, so the NSC got to work with the Herald Sun where most if not all of the problems with this began.

The result of our discussions with the paper was an offer of a guaranteed Letter to the Editor. We rejected that given the prominence of the article and fact they were repeated in other publications – but were able to get a spot in today’s paper.

Here it is:

The offer doesn’t quite undo the damage, but we’re hopeful that the message we have sent is clear that no debate can be done properly if only one side is listened to.

The size of the article did not permit us to address everything – such as the claims about suppressors – so we picked those that we thought would fit in on this occasion.

We also know many of you hate the fact we have the NFA and think it should be scrapped – but what we’re saying is that if you want to regulate firearms, you need to do it our way, not ‘theirs’ – and it starts with listening to us.

We’re working on similar resolutions with the other papers that were involved in this.


Hopefully it is taken on board by those that are misinformed, but I think the majority will still bury their heads in the sand.

Agreed, while it’s great to see and IMO was a worthwhile fight to try and make the media somewhat accountable because let’s face it they’re completely out of control across the board these days. But i still don’t think average Joe or anyone with an axe to grind will absorb anything other than what suits their already formed opinions.

In saying that it’s still got to be done and once again hats off to NSC for jumping in the ring on all our behalves.

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Nice vest Johnny! What a classic moment in history that was.

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