NSC helps "R" get his licence and guns back.

Urgent news update-

Our young tradie shooter “R” who had his licence suspended and guns seized due to receiving a Covid 19 fine and who the NSC were fighting for and who we launched legal action to support( which SSAA Victoria refused to work with us on) and who we told you about publicly, has had his firearms licence returned by the Licensing and Regulation Division.

This is why being an NSC member is critical. More to come…


It’s amazing how quickly things can happen when they realise you’re not just full of piss & wind and will actually fight them in court.

Great work guys!!


Join up fellas. While you’re spending time thinking about it, another communist is communistasising something else.

Hunters, plinkers, competitors and enthusiasts.

We are all in this together.


What if we find a Communist who likes guns?

Also, I love how there are so many cases where the LRD swerves to avoid anything going to court as they know that if a court gets to make a decision about it, a precedent will be set and the LRD won’t be able to bully gun owners as effectively any more.

I know it’ll never happen, but a judge coming out in favour of gun owners would be amazing.


Can I ask how this happened? Have you guys actually gone to court? Has SFFP Vic contributed in any way? How did it get resolved?

The full story will be out shortly…SFFP did not contribute.


Thanks, @NationalShootingCouncil. Love reading your updates.

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Then Velcome aboard Comrade. Na Zdorovie!!

I would have thought that all commies like guns. They just don’t like non commies to have them :crazy_face:


Its hard to run a decent genocide, I mean revolution without guns.
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Just go back to the biblical/ISIS version. “Right, you [email protected]^ts line up against that wall! Now, everyone else, grab a pile of rocks and let’s get get started, this is going to take a while”.




Good going NSC this gives a little hope for the gun owners, well done and on saying that i think that any gun owner that’s not a member of the NSC is missing out on a good thing, as it seems, none of the other parties are looking after them.


Exactly…SSAA where are you? …and what have you done with my money? Oh that’s right, you send out a shit magazine.