NSC announcement

Incase you didn’t know the NSC will be making an announcement on Shooting Stuff Australia’s YouTube channel in the next few minutes.

LINK; What Guns Are Banned This week ? - YouTube

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If only i could put up with the guys running that podcast, then i might listen.

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So what was announced?

I have to admit that as much as I apreciate what they are trying to do…
I must admit that I kinda started getting a tad irritated, mostly with the feel that they both seem to get a bit “roll eyes” with each other at times and then seem to agree. Perhaps its me just consuming my covid sanitiser beers…

I did like the support the NSC push, but that was my favorite bit…

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I feel the same. They are doing good stuff but I find them hard to listen to, even the reviews are a hard watch. I still hit that like button though :slight_smile:

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What was the announcement?

Apparently bunch of legal cases in the works, nothing unknown or new - bit of an overblown hype imho

Yeah, just a fund-raising drive.