NSC Action in WA commencement date confirmed!

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**# TWO OUT OF THREE: NSC secures directions hearing for WA action

29 April 2020|Legal actions, Western Australia Police

THE NSC HAS SECURED a directions hearing in the second of the three actions we are taking to keep our gun shops open in WA, Victoria and Queensland.

The WA hearing will be held on 12 May i n the State Administrative Tribunal and follows our earlier announcement of a directions hearing in our Victorian action on 11 May .

We hope to secure a directions hearing in Queensland in QCAT as soon as possible.

As you will appreciate, our ability to sustain the legal fight in three states simultaneously is challenging and we appreciate the huge support we have been getting from shooters and shooting organisations and dealers around the country.

We have written to three of the major shooting organisations in Victoria for their support, which is going to be necessary if we are to be able to continue paying the legal bills.

We will also be writing to shooting organisations in other states but it is the major ones in Victoria which have been the most insistent that they are fighting for shooters, which is why we have asked them to match what they say with action.

REGARDLESS of whether we have their support or do it alone, we do not resolve from taking action where we can because without viable gun shops, our business and enjoyment disappears.

What the shooting organisations need to understand is how it affects them too, because no gun shops = no shooting. It’s that simple.

We’ll report to you on the responses we get in a couple of days’ time and keep you updated.

With the courts and appeals tribunals nationwide shut down because of the pandemic, many in the shooting community have casted doubt on our ability to push for legal hearings sooner rather than later. However we’ve proven what we can do through action, not words.

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This is getting very exciting, @NationalShootingCouncil. On all fronts!

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Good stuff, a third of the way there and making progress. :pray: :pray: :pray:

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Good stuff people ,Good effort NSC :hugs:

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Nice work NSC, i’m going to your site to join & donate now. Good luck kicking some ass!!