New NSC Action in WA against WAPOL Registry

RECLASSIFICATION: NSC gives WAPol a triple serve

15 February 2021|Legal actions, Reclassification, Western Australia

WESTERN AUSTRALIA POLICE are doubling down on their reclassification efforts, so we’ve just hit them with three new reclassification actions.

Key Points:

  • The NSC has launched three new legal actions on reclassification in WA;
  • Another 10 actions nation-wide are being planned;
  • Your support is needed


EINSTEIN’S DEFINTION OF INSANITY is when you do the same thing over and over again and expect different results.

After losing its earlier fight over the Ruger PC Charger, the WA Police have come up with a new interpretation to keep the gun out of the hands of shooters – so we’ve just filed three more actions to lift the lid on how incompetent the force is as a regulator.

The WA Pol don’t like losing. We’ve already beaten them:

  • on the gun shop closures after securing coverage of the fake National Cabinet decision on the front pages of four major newspapers;
  • on the two actions we ran on the reclassification of the Ruger PC Charger;
  • after supporting an independent action on the Desert Tech SRS that we reported on just a few days ago.

WAPol have decided to retaliate by again rejecting applications for the Ruger, so we have obliged with three actions: two new applications and one for a shooter who we fought for first time around.

What they are arguing

In June last year, the WA Police placed an outright ban on a number of guns based on appearance, including the Ruger PC9 Charger. The ban takes the form of ‘reclassifying’ the gun by moving it to a more restrictive category - hence the term ‘reclassification’.

After the NSC fought them in the WA State Administrative Tribunal, they they backed down by releasing a new determination in October 2020, which says, in relation to some of the firearms:

One of our members who is a WA Collector and has an extensive handgun collection, decided he wanted to acquire the Charger to add to his collection.

WAPOL then wrote to him asking him why he wanted the Ruger and to explain how the Ruger fitted in with his handgun collection, which he did in a detailed written submission. 32 days later and co-incidentally the day after our win with the Desert Tech SRS Rifle, WAPOL’s Registry wrote to our member with a refusal.

To add insult to injury they claimed the member was NOT a genuine collector and his large handgun collection was NOT a genuine collection.

This despite the fact, that he has a WA Collectors licence, and his handguns are licensed under that collector’s licence.

Their refusal reason is:

WA Police have advised all three applicants that it also based its decision on what it sees as the ability to convert the firearm to Category D, by saying:

In other words, stuff the ‘case by case basis’ thing – they’re throwing the gun out the window because of its alleged attributes, despite their own ruling in October.

To say this is unprofessional is an understatement. WAPOL is treating WA Shooters with contempt and we are determined to hold them to account.

Launching a national fight

As well as WA, the NSC anticipates launching 10 more legal actions, mostly on reclassification, across Australia over the next few weeks.

These will be in the ACT, NSW and SA plus another licensing action in Victoria. It’s a busy workload, but we have proven by fighting dud laws can be beaten.

However, we’re going to need your help. For that, we have set up a fundraiser which will go to covering the legal costs of the actions. Whilst we don’t expect to win every action, we know we will win some, if not many of them.

Shooters have copped defeat after defeat for several decades, but the NSC’s actions have proven we can fight back, and we can win!

If you ever needed the moment when it is time for shooters to dig deep to push a pro-shooting cause, then now is that time.

Help us fight these actions and make our point by

  1. Joining the NSC now by clicking here; then
  2. Donating to our fighting fund at GoFundMe by clicking here, or via PayPal or direct deposit by clicking here.

These are fights that could change shooting for the better, forever.


Well done, WAPOL need a good kicking to realign them with reality as they have had their own way for far too long.


Gotta love gofundme

“We charge zero platform fees. We rely on donations from people”


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